Home again

Adam, Lyra and I came home together from the hospital this afternoon. We’re all pretty tired – today was an eventful day, and Adam and I didn’t have much time to nap while at the hospital today. He’s asleep on the couch right now with the kitties. I should be sleeping, but right now I’m just too tired, if that makes sense.

I haven’t even taken my hospital bracelet off (although I did take Lyra’s off – it annoyed her.)

While I’d like to respond to everyone’s comments individually, right at this moment my brain isn’t quite functional enough I don’t think to manage it well. It might take me a few days. In the meantime, Thanks to all of you for you comments & wishes & stuff!

Also, I want to tell you all about the whole experience over the past few days, but I’m not quite ready yet. I’ll also post some new photos when I have a chance.

What I can do is tell you that Lyra is the most beautiful little baby girl I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. I might be biased.

Quick Baby Update

Greetings Everyone,

Adam here posting at Jenny’s request.

In case you haven’t already found out via the email, Facebook  or one of Jenny’s various other journals, Jenny and I have a new baby!  It was a C-section birth but Jenny is recovering remarkably fast according to her surgeon and we should be out of the hospital and home sometime on Saturday.  She asked me to send out a quick update while dropping by the house and running errands so here it is:

It’s a baby girl, born at 8:23am on Wednesday morning July 9th.  She weighed 6.5 pounds at birth.  She is adorable, tiny, and perfect.  Her name is Lyra Morgan Silver and she’s keeping us very very busy.  Don’t have much time otherwise because I have to get back to the hospital but I just wanted to send a quick thank you to all the people who have already called and emailed and sent messages of some form to congratulate us.  We can’t get back to all of you at the moment, but appreciate it anyways! 

And of course, it certainly wouldn’t be Jenny’s child without the obligatory photos (taken by her uncles and dad, not by a professional ie. Jenny):

Just to throw a wrench into things…

They phoned me yesterday around 4:30 to tell me that they had to move my c-section date. As of now, the baby’s birthday will be July 9th instead of the 10th, and I have only today to get everything I need done. After the procrastination that is posting to lj, I will head to the hospital for lab work they need to do before the surgery, and then come home and try to sort my brain out enough to get these things done. I’ve been making a list, but who knows if I’m forgetting stuff… I probably am. My brain is rather muddled right now.

Adam and I went out to buy a couple of nursing bras and see Ironman last night, which was good. On the walk from the store to the theatre, though, I misstepped on an uneven crack in the sidewalk and did a fantastic little tumble-roll. Amazing what instincts kick in to protect the belly – Adam said he tried to catch me but I had too much momentum. For a second I thought I almost recovered before the fall, but my extra 25 lbs or so was a bit too much for me and I dropped. According to Adam, it actually looked pretty gracefull for a headlong rush at the pavement. I figure it’s my mountain biking falling skills jumping into action.

So now I have a scrape on my knee that stings like mad, and the left wrist (the one that broke the fall and allowed me to roll onto my back in belly-protection mode) hurts when I try to use it. I’m sure it’ll be fine in a couple of days.

Now I’m working through a list of things to get done today that I had originally planned to spread out over two days, back when I had two days left. Here’s hoping I can get it all done – and if not, well then it will just have to wait I guess. The vital stuff is going to the hospital for lab work and packing my bag for the hospital stay.

That phone call with the moving of my c-section date was a little like getting blind-sided by a freight train.

Not sleeping…

Nearly 1am and I’m pretty awake. I was half-asleep at 10:30 tonight, but once I was in bed my brain switched on and woke me up. Now I’m thirsty, hungry, and awake. Fortunately I’ve nowhere to be tomorrow morning, so I can sleep as much as required. I’m pretty sure I managed to not wake Adam up too much – he asked where I was going and I told him I needed a drink. He has to work tomorrow and needs his beauty sleep.

We saw Wall-E last week, and it was awesome. Go see it. So little dialogue, so much communication…[/random aside]

So take a wild guess what’s keeping me up tonight (besides hungry, thirsty, itchy, or whatever else has popped up physically speaking to distract me from sleep…) If you guessed “Holy crap I’m going to have a baby in four days” running over and over (with variations) in my head, then you win a cookie (please collect cookie at a later date. We are currently out of cookies.) The C-section still doesn’t bother me, but knowing that at midnight four days from now I will be in the hospital with Adam and our brand new baby is messing with my head just a little bit tonight. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, expecting it even, and now that it’s almost happening I’m not entirely sure what comes next (besides diapers, feedings, cleaning, crying, sleepless nights, and all those other inconvenient things people like to tell you all about.)

I’d probably be crazy if I wasn’t nervous – I am. I’ve been responsible for taking care of this new person in my life for about 9 months now, but it’s going to be a whole different thing when it’s a person in my arms, in my home, in my world. I’m looking forward to meeting this small person. Adam, baby and I are going to be stuck with each other for quite a while – it should be fun and interesting and work.

Being pregnant has been awesome – I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m ready now, though, to not be pregnant anymore. I don’t know if that means I’m ready to call myself a mom yet. Not much choice – it’s happening in four days whether I’m ready or not.

My baby’s birthday is…

July 10th, 2008, barring my going into labour super-early and forcing things any earlier. It definitely won’t be any later than that, however. That’s 20 days before the official ‘due date’ which I always thought was mildly arbitrary anyhow.

That’s a week and a day away from now. Ultra Magnus will be kicking me from the outside instead of the inside. Dayle and Sera have no idea what’s about to hit them. Then again, I guess neither do Adam & I. Fun!!

It’s really nice to know the date.


They phoned me today to confirm my C/section date. Unfortunately, although I gave them my cellphone number, they actually called my home number, and I was out all day doing a maternity photo shoot with a photographer friend. They left voicemail saying that had the date, but didn’t actually TELL me what the date is. I called back at ten to six, but the office was closed (of course.)

Chances are good that they’re closed tomorrow, as well, what with it being Canada Day and full of stat-holidayness. This means that I won’t know my actual date (Ultra Magnus’ birthday) until Wednesday.

In other news, it is really, really hot out and our apartment doesn’t have good airflow. It is not comfortable. Also, my nose is so dry that I’ve developed issues with my right eustachian tube, which is blocked half the time and sounds like a dull, low-pitched roar. I’ve been spraying my nose with saline solution, which helps, but by morning with the fans running all night I’m so dry by morning it’s rather uncomfortable. I’m hoping the heat wave doesn’t last. Spending the day in Kitsilano down by the water was refreshing and breezy – wish I could get that kind of airflow through this place…

Pregnancy update

I’ve unfriended this entry now because it’s confirmed, and not a maybe anymore.

Confirmation has been acquired – I will be having a scheduled C/section, sometime between the 9th & 16th of July (to be determined when they find out what specific date/time is available at Lion’s Gate Hospital.) The risk to both me and Ultra Magnus are too high for me to have a vaginal birth, and since I value my life as well as Ultra Magnus’s, I am not about to argue the point.

To be honest, there are two things that freak me out about this – a needle in my back, and a catheter in my bladder. Neither of these are really a big deal, though. They just make me feel a little squeamish. I’d love to watch the actual procedure, but you can’t really see when you’re lying on your back. According to my little ‘so you’re having a Cesaerian Birth’ booklet (no, that’s not the title of it) the delivery of the baby takes ten minutes, and the sewing up afterwards takes 20-30 or so. After that, I’m in the hospital recovering for about three days before we go home (will they have internet? Can I bring my laptop?) Then it’s about two weeks on pain meds, and six weeks of ‘don’t do anythiing too hard, like housework.’ So yeah, it’s a quick birth, but the recovery time will be a while.

I had been planning to work until the end of next week, but with Ultra Magnus joining us sooner rather than later, I’ve decided instead to cut that time short. Really, they don’t need me around to train my replacement. No one trained me, after all. Gerald can handle it, and I’m sure the replacement person is bright enough to figure things out – otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen him. And so I now refuse to worry about work. I’ll tie things up tomorrow and make that my last day.

I’m still not interested in horror stories and the the like, any more than I was interested in birth horror stories. I’m really not worried about this, and I’m sure things will work out as they should.

On the other hand, there’s pregnancy stress fun!

Last week I had another ultrasound done because in the earlier one they found that my placenta was low-lying, and covering the cervix. In about 90% of women they find low-lying placenta, it moves up without any issue by the 30th week or so. They schedule a later ultrasound at 32 weeks just to make sure. In my case, the placenta is still low-lying; I guess I’m one of the lucky 10% or something.

Anyhow, this isn’t something that I’m worrying about health-wise. The ramifications are basically that if my placenta is covering my cervix and I go into labour, the placenta can rip and both mother and baby are at a high risk of severe blood loss. That’s pretty much not cool. To prevent that, when women have this condition (it’s called Placenta Previa) they get scheduled for a planned cesarean section about two weeks before their actual due date. A planned C-section is apparently much easier to deal with than an urgent one, I’m told.

The midwives have referred me to a specialist – an OB/Gyn here on the North Shore. I hadn’t heard from the OB’s office yet and was starting to worry a bit, but they called yesterday, leaving two messages. At first they wanted me to come in for an appointment on July 2nd, since that was the earliest urgent appointment they could make, but a second message said that the Doctor really wanted to see me sooner than that, and could I come in on Monday instead. I confirmed that Monday was fine, so I’ll have that appointment sooner rather than later. I feel better about that, although there’s a hint of worry in the back of my mind that the Doctor insisted I come in early. Maybe she’s just nice and knows that waiting an extra week and a half would suck.

I’ve told a few people about this situation (mostly work friends and some other friends) and some have asked me how I feel about a C-section. It’s not my first choice, however when the choice is C-section or death, I’m totally in support of C-section. I wouldn’t go for an elective c-section, at any rate. I’m not a hippie earth-mother type who is going to feel like less of a woman and mother somehow by not having laboured to give birth (contrary to what one might think, considering where I work.) I’m also not afraid of modern medicine, science, or operations. Generally they seem to know what they’re doing (at least the specialists do) so I’m not particularly scared of the procedure.

To be honest, overall I’m pretty calm about the whole thing. I just want to know which way things are going to go – whether I need a c-section, or whether I’ll be giving birth vaginally – so I can mentally and emotionally prepare for it.

I’m leaving this friends-only so it doesn’t get ported over to Facebook, because I don’t really feel like listening to people’s birth / c-section horror stories right now, and that’s bound to pop up if it’s a public entry.


So I’m becoming more forgetful. I start to do things on my computer (for example, I went to open semagic to post in lj) and forget before I get there… I basically opened program files and stared blankly at the possible options (there are many) with no idea what I was looking for. It took me about two minutes to remember that I wanted to post in my lj.

So now I’m at a loss as to what to talk about. Go figure.

Let’s start with something easy. We went to see The Incredible Hulk last night. I liked it. The baby was awake for most of the movie, as it usually is when I’m in loud places (restaurants, pubs with live bands, theatres.) Yes, everything these days relates back to Ultra Magnus.

Sleeping is still elusive. I wake up frequently in the night to roll over and/or go to the bathroom. By morning I just want to stay in bed, but since I’m still working for just over two weeks, that’s not really an option. I can work from home occasoinally, and I’ve done so a couple of times, but there’s a lot I have to wrap up before I hand over my job to my replacement. Next week I’m only working Monday and Tuesday, and taking the rest of the week off to pick Adam’s brother Jordy up at the airport (he’s moving out here.) The week after that is my final week at work before I take maternity / parental leave. Scary thought, that, but exciting too. I very much look forward to the time off… need to clean the apartment and get whatever I can ready before Ultra Magnus shows up to destroy the place.

The other benefit of being off work is not having to focus on work – the forgetfulness is impacting me a bit there, too. I start projects and have some trouble focusing on them. I can’t imagine working right up until the end. I guess I’m not that hardcore.

Adam’s away this weekend in Whistler, biking at the bike park with Chris and Lorne (and Sean, but he can’t bike.) I’ll probably go see my mom on Saturday – my first attempt at driving the Car Co-op Prius, which should be fun. Adam’s usually the one to drive, but now that I have the car co-op I have the option of getting myself around.

I’m becoming hungry, and pondering taking a nice warm bath to relax.