Chilcotins Update

I have very nearly raised my fundraising goal for the Chilcotins trip. If you were thinking about sponsoring the trip but haven’t yet, there is still time to do so.

Just to make things extra interesting (or something) I’ll throw a curveball at the whole thing for you.

Adam, who has been training and planning and working towards this trip with me for many months now; who has lost nearly 30 lbs getting fit for this trip, who was looking forward to it for as long as we knew such a thing existed, is no longer able to go. That’s right folks, I’m now taking this trip sans husband.

Let’s go back a couple of weeks and see how this happened, shall we? Actually, wait – we need to go back about three years to really tell the whole story.

Just before we moved out here, Adam got hurt. Over time this developed into a nasty bacterial infection that doctors were unable to diagnose, or even pin down. There were days that he was in so much pain that he couldn’t work, days that we took him to emergency and spent 8 hours in the waiting rooms, days where he was sure he would never feel pain free again.

After nearly two years of going to doctor after doctor, one finally gave him a massive antibiotic prescription for six weeks. This finally got rid of the infection, and for the past year things have been good. He’s been getting healthy, losing weight, changing his diet for the better, and just generally feeling great.

A few weeks ago the infection slowly crept back into his system. He denied it for a while, thinking maybe it was just his imagination, but finally had to admit that something was wrong. He went to a new doctor, as the one who had given him antibiotics a year ago has moved out of our city, and got more tests done. The tests once again showed… absolutely nothing. Whatever this infection is, they don’t seem to have a name for it or tests that can actually find it. The doctor put him on antibiotics once more, a two-week dosage to get rid of the infection.

While he has the infection, he is in too much pain to be able to bike. While he’s on the antibiotic, his entire system is compromised, too much sunlight is very bad for him, if he’s active he might rupture a tendon, and he’s just generally in rough shape.

He’ll be on this antibiotic for another week and a half. He’s getting better, slowly, but not in time for the trip; and he can’t go on this trip unless he’s completely better. It’s in the backcountry – there is no way to get him out in a rush if something goes wrong. It’s not fair to ask the guide to be responsible for that, either.

So he’s very, very sad about this. I am sad on his behalf.

I am still going on this trip, although it may be more of a challenge for me without my usual cheerleader along. I will try extra hard to survive this trip on his behalf…

The past three weeks, since Adam’s been sick, my training regimen has suffered. I wasn’t biking while it was raining. I wasn’t going to the gym after work because I was tired, stressed, or taking care of Adam. This is all unfortunate.

This week, I shall bike as many days as I possibly can. Today I biked. It was good.

So I guess now I’m not just riding this trip to raise money for the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society – now I’ve elevated it in my own mind to riding this trip for Adam, who can’t come with us anymore.

Email Post-errific!

The weekend was a smashing success! Adam, Sean, Chris and I piled into the car at 1pm on Friday and headed out for Vernon – specifically on our way to Silver Star Resort for a weekend of lift assisted mountain biking joy. Naturally, I have taken and posted photos.

Saturday was fantastic. I rented a big downhill bike, a Giant Faith, to try out for the day. It was amazing – the difference in geometry was just stunning – I didn’t realize until half way through the day that I was riding down things that would normally scare me and stop me in my tracks, and I was riding about three times faster than I usually do. The bike makes a difference.

We rode hard on Saturday then went back to the condo and could barely move. Sunday we got up and I whined until they let me rent a big bike again. This time we brought the camera on the hill with us, so I got a few shots of riding (including some of me for a change!)

Final analysis: Big bikes are cool, and I can’t afford to buy one. It was probably my best riding ever, I just felt so much more confident on it and less freaked out by the steep things… they just weren’t as steep.

I consider Saturday and Sunday as part of my training, since I was on my bike at least two to six hours each day. Maybe more on Saturday.

Monday I rode the commuter bike home from work (since it had been left there for two weeks after I decided to stop riding due to finger sprainage) and today I rode in, and will ride home again. I’m due for a visit to the gym, though, as well.

My big wild ticker hasn’t changed in a couple of weeks… I’m stalling out. Oh well, I’ll try for a push to reach my goal before the trip starts.

I saw a commercial the other day…

… for candy. It was a commercial for adults, selling candy – things like swedish berries and so on. It was really well done, and a pretty interesting commercial visually speaking. And it was for candy.

I like swedish berries.

I was strange and disconnected today. Adam was at work. I did make it out to the gym for training, however, which was good. Spent some time on the stationary bike and then went through the program sharolyn gave me. I’m sure she’d be happy to know that I lasted 9 seconds with the plank elbow thing this time around – both times! I’m happy, anyhow.

Writing has recently become a focus for me again. Not this kind of journalling – more directed writing. The kind that brings out insecurities, of course. I write for people to read, but I’m always a bit nervous letting them read it.

I went to the Dentist on Friday. There is cavity filling and a root canal (ick) in my future. I’m a bit nervous about that.

The finger is doing all right, but still taped up. I don’t think it’s cracked – never heard from the doctor about my x-rays, which I guess means nothing’s broken. It does bother me that the system works that way – I’d appreciate a call either way, really. Also, I don’t much like my pseudo-new doctor. I will have to start the search all over again.

Training: Days 3 & 4

Day 3
So Tired. Slept late – nearly late for work. Came home and napped after work for 2 hours. Did not train. Went to bed by 10:30pm.

Day 4
Woke up at 6am to go to a 6:30am spin class – my first ever. Scary, tiring, monstrously early… but I survived the hour of spinning, and the rest of my day. Actually felt pretty good all day. Who knew?

Shins, however, hurt – possibly due to running for a bus. Running sucks.

I’m still fundraising of course – if you’d like to offer me some extra incentives, feel free to sponsor me (All fundraising is for CPAWS.)

I may treat myself to a bath tonight.

Am feeling somewhat magical lately.

Training: Day 2

I was unable to bike to work since I left my bike there yesterday. Planned to bike home but the girls at work wouldn’t let me. Something about not being able to brake properly since I can’t use my left hand and all. And so the bike stays at the office.

After work I met up with the lovely sharolyn who went through a program with me to help train up for the trip. I’ll keep you all updated on how that goes. There are a few things i can’t do with a taped up finger, but there’s still stuff I can do.

I got x-rays done on the finger today. Will find out if it’s broken in a couple of days I guess. Here’s hoping it’s just a sprain… doing simple things is challenging right now.

I am very tired.
There is 1 month, 1 week and 4 days until the trip. This is the time I have to whip myself into shape. The challenge is great. I have managed to raise just over half of my goal in fundraising for CPAWS. Go me!!

Fundraising Update


I managed to make it out to the gym tonight. This is a good thing. Unfortunately now I’m hungry. I may have a snack.

having fingers taped together makes typing a bit more challenging than it was before. It’s also going to make biking for the next couple of weeks challenging. You know, I might just need more challenge in my life when it comes to this biking thing.

Here’s hoping it’s not actually cracked (the finger, not me.)

Training: day 1?

June 25, 2007


  • 15km down and up hill riding to work.


  • I was unable to ride home, as I took transit and left my bike at work. (went to doc’s office)
  • Sprained finger on the weekend – went to doc’s office to get checked, going for x-rays (might be cracked.) Finger is now taped.


  • I *should* go bike at the gym on the stationery. Will I? Outlook not so good.
  • No yoga for me with a sprained finger

    Training is so far off to a rocky start. I should consider going to the gym. I don’t want to go. My finger hurts, my scraped and bruised ass hurts, and I’m tired out still from the weekend.

    Also, I am whiny.

  • Frustrations and other treats

    Yes, I lack the energy/dedication lately to update. I apologize for this.

    Yesterday we went riding in Squamish with the group that might make up the final group going to our Big Trip that we’re doing in August (the CPAWS fundraising trip to the Southern Chilcotins, biking for five days.) I had a pretty good ride, once I got over being scared of slippery things. I was kind of slow on the uphill, however, which I find a bit frustrating and discouraging. I’m just not in as good shape as I could be, or should be, and I’m really worried that I’ll be an anchor on the trip, and everyone will get annoyed with me for being slow.

    My downhill riding was pretty good, though. Adam fell off of a cliff and bruised up his ass.

    After riding in Squamish I went to Pemberton with Chris, Lorne and Adam, where we camped out for the night next to the Lillooet River. There was a house party going on a couple of kilometres away in the valley, with an outdoor sound system and a live band. They played until sunrise I think. Also, our air mattress (car camping means air mattress) somehow popped open during the night and deflated very slowly, and our pump was locked in Chris’ car so we just let it be. I would have been fine to sleep through the noise, but Adam was not, and he spent the night tossing and turning. Unfortunately for me, because the air mattress was only really half full of air, every time he moved it launched me up into the air and woke me up. An unpleasant sleep was had by all in our tent.

    We got up the next morning and upon realizing that we had locked our bikes to the car and forgotten to acquire the key for said lock from our friend Sean, headed to the local bike shop. They handed us a hacksaw which we cut through the lock with.

    The rest of the day was spent pushing our bikes up a long gravel road to the top of a big hill, and then riding down. I rode a few rock rollovers okay, then wiped out on one on my second try down it. Stupid slippery root made my tire go sideways, and I landed hard on the rock. My left thigh is very sore, bruised and abraded, and my left middle finger is sore (but not too bad.) I got kind of freaked out after that and pretty much walked the rest of the trail out.

    We came home after that from Pemberton. Adam freaked out a little over me being so frustrated with being slow and such. I got upset and frustrated over him being frustrated and me being frustrated, and much frustration was had by all. It’s partly due to lack of sleep, and partly because we’re both in a bit of pain from wiping out, and partly because I’m conflicted about being not in good enough shape, and really hating going to the gym which is the only thing I can come up with that might get me up to par.

    I really, really hate being slow. I don’t feel slow some days, and other days I’m gasping when everyone else is a good half a kilometre further up the hill than me. It makes me annoyed with myself. Unfortunately I seem to tie my self-esteem into these things, where I know I could accept that I’m not as strong or fast as the boys are.

    I think before I accept that I’m slow and weak, I will try to put some effort into training. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never enjoyed working out or going to the gym or dedicating so much time to physical activity. This is going to be kind of difficult for me, and I am going to need some moral support. I already feel overwhelmed.