Today we went out to see the tallships. It was a very long, full, and fun day. I got to go on one of the ships from Pirates of the Caribbean, which was probably the coolest ship there. The giant tallship from Russia was neat, but not that exciting. The Mexican Navy tallship was quite cool… except that it made me think that Mexico’s seas are protected by sailing ships, which is just kind of… outdated.

Many photos were taken, and many will be posted when I get around to transferring them from the digicam over to the computer. Perhaps tomorrow evening. I’m too tired tonight for such things.


Well the area I was working at for the Tall Ship Show was pretty dead today. I think everyone was hanging around near the Tall Ships themselves, rather than at the merchant booths. Not that I blame them. Tomorrow, however, I get to go to the actual show and enjoy myself. I did see a lovely rainbow though, and some ominous clouds that never lived up to their promise (thankfully.) Tomorrow will be exciting, we’re going to board the ship from The Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. So cool. I will take pictures.

A working Saturday

Today I’m working at the Sea Vancouver Tall Ship Show for Pacific Yachting. It should be interesting. So far the weather looks overcast and grey, I’m wondering if that means it won’t be very busy?

Well anyhow, maybe I’ll see someone I know while I’m standing around trying to sell magazine subscriptions. Or maybe not. Either way… tall ships are cool.