If kicking activity is an indication of anything…

… this kid is going to be active. The past couple of days, Ultra Magnus has been kicking up a storm in there.

Went to see Horton Hears a Who? last night, which was lots of fun. A bit heavy on the Jim Carrey in the beginning, but it mellowed out and got on with the story. Really made me want my books from back east, though – I know my copy of Horton is still in a box back there, along with all my other kids books. It’s time now to get those out here. Maybe that should be a baby gift to me from myself somehow – shipping the rest of my things out here. I think there are only eight boxes or so. I just can’t figure out how to make sure they’re well packaged (especially the ones with the old statues in them) and sent out. It’s mostly books, but I would be sad if the statues my grandparents gave me got broken on the trip out here. I should have fought to get them in the car when we drove across the country… too late now.

Sera is very demanding today. She’s been on my lap at least 3/4 of the morning, and only leaves when I kick her off so I can go do something. She also helped me clean up the closet, and found a little scrap of paper she wanted to play fetch with for a bit. (Yes, my cat plays fetch. It’s the siamese part of her, I guess.)

Now I must start some laundry and contemplate more organizing/cleanup of things. Oh yeah, and eat some lunch. Mmmm lunch.

Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away…

The cats are getting spring fever. I’ve got the windows wide open to let in the fresh warm air (it must be around 10-15 degrees celcius out there) and the cats are staring intently out. Dayle just randomly assaulted Sera.

There are kids in the alley behind my building biking around and playing, in shorts and t-shirts. The scent of flowers is thick in the air, and crocii have started appearing. Yes, it’s the standard end-of-February spring thaw in Vancouver. The upsides to living here really are awesome. So what if we’ll never buy a house in North Vancouver?

I was trapped in the house all morning waiting for UPS to arrive. They did, but it was a package for Adam and thus not as exciting as one might hope. This afternoon, however, I have every intention of getting outside. The plan is to go to Canadian Tire to get a car battery for Huffy (once she has a battery we can sell her!) and a few other things like light bulbs and a bedroom window blind. I will do my best not to overshop – I think I’m in the sort of mood that could get me in trouble.

I would have acquired a battery for Huffy sooner, but I didn’t want to carry it back home on the bus. Those things are heavy. Fortunately, Lorne has agreed to drive me there and back. Some things really do go better with a car, and I do miss that convenience Huffy afforded us.

I’m surprised that no one’s had any suggestions for me on things I could make, keep, create, or whatever for the future adult that my baby will become. I’m a little disappointed I guess.


I’m going snowshoeing tomorrow (probably?) Yay!

I haven’t had any good exercise in at least a couple of weeks, so I’m really looking forward to this. I have become sedentary, which is bad. Just have to confirm with a co-worker that she can use the car, and then we’ll head off to the top of one of the mountains (Cypress, I’m guessing) where we’ll tramp about in the snow till the sun goes down. Whee!

I’ll have to rent some shoes, of course. Eventually, if this keeps up, I’ll have to buy some… I rather enjoy snowshoeing.

The camera hasn’t been put to much use lately, which is sad. I’ll be bringing it along if it’s not miserable out. I haven’t posted any pictures at all lately, mostly because I haven’t taken any.

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Power Struggle

The hydro went out at work just after 2pm. We stood around chatting until about 3, when we learned that it would probably be out until at least six, and so we went home. Now I sit here at home, contemplating having a nap. I can hear the wind and rain outside buffeting the windows. I can only see as far as perhaps 21st street (I live on 19th) up the hill because beyond 21st it’s just cloud cover.

Dayle was concerned by my coming home early – he actually got up from sleeping and followed me around meowing for a while. They know my schedule pretty well, so when something changes they seem to get a little put off sometimes. Sera didn’t really care, though.

I’m sleepy and considering a nap until Adam comes home.

Cats and balconies

I saw a cat sitting on the third floor balcony of another apartment in my building. We are on the third floor as well, but don’t let the cats out on the balcony because I have issues with such things. The cat was sitting on the edge of the balcony, happy as can be.

I wish I could let Dayle & Sera out on our balcony, but I just don’t trust things. I don’t trust that one of them won’t miscalculate on a jump (which Dayle does often) or slip, or try to chase a bird off the edge, or some other mistake or accident leading to one of them falling off and down to the pavement, or to huffy’s roof. Three floors isn’t that far, but it’s far enough.

And really, I don’t think I could go through that again. I still have nightmares and flashbacks and feel horrendously sick to my stomach from memories of the first time it happened, off that 17th story balcony by pure accident. As such, the cats stay in, and we have to lock them up when we want to open the windows or the balcony door since there are no got-damn screens in this got-damn province. I’m hoping to get a screen custom-made for the patio door – we tried to buy a standard one but it didn’t fit.

Anyhow. It’s sad that my paranoia keeps the cats inside and not on the balcony watching the world like that orange tabby on the other side of the building. But for my sanity it’s for the best. It’s been something like seven years since then, and the memory hasn’t become easier to deal with – it doesn’t seem like it’s going to any time soon.

Demon Monsters Haunt my sleep

I slept very, very poorly last night. I had trouble falling asleep in the first place, and then once I did I kept waking up and tossing around a lot. This morning from about 6:00 onward Sera the Demon Monster decided to tell us everything there was to know about her life, which basically meant she was standing in our faces as we lay in bed trying to sleep, mrowing very loudly. She did this until quarter after seven, when Adam’s alarm went off and she decided to get up with him and follow him around (still telling him stories.) I couldn’t get back to sleep after that, I just lay in bed until my alarm went off at 7:30.

I’m very, very tired.

I also can’t believe the June is nearly over.

Mmm. Craving sleep.

Picture a Day update

Today’s Picture a Day is up.

Biking home from work today only took about 25 minutes rather than half an hour. I’m getting there.

Today was a very slow, tired day for me. Sera kept me up half the night last night I think, so I was uber-tired all day today. I swear she’s picked up Dayle’s desire to ruin our lives. Dayle, on the other hand, has been good lately – for the first time in years. I’m not sure how to deal with it.

I may go to bed early tonight to make up for last night. At least the headache went away. I fell asleep folding laundry this evening, had to force myself up to even take the picture a day.

Our tv is fritzing out a bit, bleeding reds and sounding pretty bad. I imagine it will only get worse. Such is technology. The other day my monitor went all off-coloured and weird. I degaussed it, and for the first time I can remember, it actually did something besides get all wavy for a second. Once it was back to normal, it was actually back to normal.


Today’s Picture a Day is now uploaded. I’ll probably get tomorrow’s done too, but once we’ve moved on Sunday we will be without internet for a bit, so I will continue taking photos but will not be able to post them until we’re online.

I packed up everything on my desk. Dayle and Sera watched me very, very closely. They know what’s going on now. Tomorrow will be dedicated to more packing, and I think Chris & Chantal are coming over. Otherwise it will be a quiet New Year’s Eve inside.

This apartment is cold. I don’t like it.