It’s my weekend!

I should do laundry. I also wanted to change my driver’s license over, but can’t find my birth certficate anywhere to do so. Am quite annoyed over this.

All right, time for one of those to-do lists I see everyone doing.

  • Laundry
  • Banking
  • Find birth certificate
  • When B.C. found, get license changed
  • Scoop out litter

Thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Well, I’m not as tired as I thought I would be today. In fact, I’m more awake today than I have been most days this week. Odd, since I got about 4 hours sleep last night, which is the least I’ve slept all week.

It’s Friday! This week has been strange, the new office is different, the new desk is better now that it faces the right way. I have a baby spider plant on my desk, I’m hoping I don’t manage to kill it. Plants are good. Living plants are better.

Hmm… wave of tiredness just hit me. fneu.

I’m still trying to finish that article. I can’t get it to wrap up, it’s over 2 pages now. I just need to convince it to conclude. Can I have a nap?

Bleh. Sore throat.

I have a sore throat now. No reason for it, except maybe the fact that the climate control in this offices goes up and down indiscriminately. You never know if you should bring a sweater or a short-sleeved shirt. Bleah. Ahh well, the day is nearly over. Server came back up, I’m working while I can.

No more minimize bug!

I got the new client for LiveJournal. I’ve been so out of it lately that I wasn’t even aware it existed. Supposedly, you can minimize things and not lose them. I’m going to copy this text, minimize it, and see if it disappears now….

Wooohoo! It didn’t disappear!!

Thank you, that is all.


Going for lunch soon. I have cannelloni for lunch. Yay. 😉 Experiencing great confusion, must ponder more…

Lurk, lurk, lurk…

I’m moody today. Up/down running in circles, put down those scissors before you impale someone kind of mood. My eyes are also extremely dry, and I haven’t been able to find my eyedrops in a few weeks.

Lurking lurking in irc. shhh, don’t tell.

Fire alarm. oh, it stopped.

We’re looking the database for Disney ‘Villain songs’ to put into a show that Dave is working on… whoever picked tracks off the disney soundtracks picked all of the Happy songs… no villain songs. That’s just wrong somehow. We’re going to remedy that.

Glitchy post weirdness, apparently fixed

Okay… my last journal entry is messed. It was supposed to be:

WebCam is on… weird, the only thing this cam ever does is point at me while I’m on the computer. Ahh well. I’m feeling cruddy still.

Listening to Tara Maclean’s cd, Passenger. I like it. She was one of the acts I saw live at the Stardust Picnic on Sunday. I talked to her very briefly, she seemed nice, but I don’t think she was enjoying the rainy weather.

So I’m really confused. I think something happened to it when i tried to edit the entry later. I don’t know. I hope this one doesn’t mess up too…

The magical non-freezing place

There’s a magical place in the fridge where you can leave something, and it won’t freeze. However, it’s a space that is a mere 2×2 inches, which means that only one item can remain unfrozen in the fridge for any given time. For now, that item will be the 1l carton of milk I just bought.