Lyra in video!

So I took a quick video of Lyra playing with Adam this afternoon, and put it onto youtube to share (and facebook video, for those who have me in the facebookland.)

Anyhow, here’s Little Miss Cranky Pants:

David Suzuki Digs my Garden

So we’re running a contest again this summer at work for pesticide-free gardens. This year, though, we’ve expanded it greatly – this year, we had a gnome version of David Suzuki made. Seriously. He’s so cute.

Anyhow, Thursday was the launch for the contest, alongside the most recent Nature Challenge newsletter (a major part of my actual job at the Foundation is putting together and sending out that newsletter – not the content but the behind the scenes stuff. And sometimes content.) If you haven’t seen it, go take a look!

Here’s the introductory video of Gnome Suzuki, too:

If kicking activity is an indication of anything…

… this kid is going to be active. The past couple of days, Ultra Magnus has been kicking up a storm in there.

Went to see Horton Hears a Who? last night, which was lots of fun. A bit heavy on the Jim Carrey in the beginning, but it mellowed out and got on with the story. Really made me want my books from back east, though – I know my copy of Horton is still in a box back there, along with all my other kids books. It’s time now to get those out here. Maybe that should be a baby gift to me from myself somehow – shipping the rest of my things out here. I think there are only eight boxes or so. I just can’t figure out how to make sure they’re well packaged (especially the ones with the old statues in them) and sent out. It’s mostly books, but I would be sad if the statues my grandparents gave me got broken on the trip out here. I should have fought to get them in the car when we drove across the country… too late now.

Sera is very demanding today. She’s been on my lap at least 3/4 of the morning, and only leaves when I kick her off so I can go do something. She also helped me clean up the closet, and found a little scrap of paper she wanted to play fetch with for a bit. (Yes, my cat plays fetch. It’s the siamese part of her, I guess.)

Now I must start some laundry and contemplate more organizing/cleanup of things. Oh yeah, and eat some lunch. Mmmm lunch.

there’s just nothing much going on…

Adam worked today, so I slept in and spent some quality bed time with the cats. They like sleeping in with us on weekends, when we do it (which isn’t very often really.) In the afternoon I went to Anne’s place to help her weed and just hang out, so Adam came there after work and we had dinner and wine followed by a short walk to the park with Anne & Lorne and their son Owen. It was fun. Also, I kind of miss gardening.

Shawn called a couple of places for apartments today, but nothing really stood out as a possibility it sounded like. I do rather wish a magical cheap north vancouver suite that allows cats will show up. Nothing yet though.

I wish I owned Moulin Rouge so I could watch it right now.

Early Morning Rain

It’s not raining so much as pouring. The clouds are low, as well – I can only see as far as about 26th St. or so up the hill (I’m at 19th.) There are no mountains to be seen.

Last night I got free passes to the premiere screening of Sharkwater, a documentary about Sharks by a guy named Rob Stewart from Toronto. It was very, very good, and also very, very disturbing. Adam came out of it thoroughly depressed. I recommend seeing it simply because it is good to know what’s happening in this world, and because conservation isn’t always about saving the soft cuddly animals like pandas and baby seals.

Personally, I walked out of the film with feeling the message that an individual can make a difference, contrary to messages I’ve received for much of my life… not from movies, but from people around me when I was growing up, who already felt defeated and figured that meant they couldn’t do anything. No, movies like to tell us we can do anything – I just rarely believe their message. The fact that I saw this movie in a packed theatre, with people watching all knowing that it’s a documentary and not a scary shark horror film and still wanting to see it, is one part of that. The content of the film itself is another.

Yes, I was as disturbed as Adam. It’s strange, lately, how we’ve switched places – at one time, he would have come out of that focussing on the positive things, however few they might be. Instead I’m the one doing that, and he’s depressed and hating humanity. I just don’t know how to handle it.

We went home in silence after a brief discussion; one where I felt useless to communicate my thoughts, either because I wasn’t saying it right or because he wasn’t listening to what I was trying to say. I gave up trying to say anything, came home, curled up on the couch and fell asleep by 9:30. He went and played Battlefield 2142. I got up again at midnight, went to see him briefly, and then crawled into bed. I have no idea when he came to bed. I was up by 8:00, however, which is somewhat nice since I have today off and I usually hate wasting my days off by sleeping. I’ll just let him sleep until he wakes up… he has today off too.

Movie Thoughts

Pan’s Labyrinth – absolutely amazing. Immersive, beautiful, painful, and memorable. Don’t bring kids under 13, or squeamish adults.
Thank you for Smoking – rented this one. Entertaining, funny look at spin.
An Inconvenient Truth – See this movie. It’s extremely well put together, and not preachy like I worried it might be. It is the documentary to see, rather timely considering things as they are these days. We bought it and have watched it twice, and have since lent it out.

Want to see:
Reign over Me – Adam Sandler in a serious role, in a film that looks particularly good judging by the one preview I’ve seen.
The Namesake – Saw this preview before Pan’s Labyrinth. In the first five seconds was put off by the preview, but within the next ten seconds I suddenly really wanted to see this movie.
Children of Men – I like future dystopia movies. This one looks good.

While surfing through the movie-list site looking for the links to the above movies, I found the info for the Celestine Prophecy Movie. I totally forgot they were making a movie for that book. I wonder if it was any good, or if it ever came out? eh. Don’t care that much I guess.

Friday night in

I brought a few movies home from work tonight, two of which we watched this evening.

First was Aeon Flux, in which Charlize Theron wore skimpy awesomewear to sleep. It reminded me of Logan’s Run, without the Run. Or Logan. Or spots and 30 and such. Oh yeah and it had Martin Csoskas in it, who was Celeborn in Return of the King.

Second was Danny Deckchair, an Australian film based on a guy who attached a bunch of balloons to a lawn chair and floated away. In the movie, the guy finds a new life and new love and yay. In real life, the guy (Lawnchair Larry) just had his fifteen minutes of fame, and he eventually killed himself years later. The aussie film is much cheerier and amusing. Plus it had Miranda Otto (Eowyn in the Two Towers and ROTK) in it as the love interest, and she’s hot.

I guess tonight I’m all about the hot women and the Lord of the Rings Tie-ins. hmm. Perhaps while cleaning tomorrow I will watch some Lord of the Rings. I only have I and II, though, sadly. I’ll need to pick up the extended III when I have a chance.

The other movies I have here from work at Amadeus (I’ve been trying to watch this one for about four years now, and failing at it because I never get around to putting it in the machine,) Heavenly Creatures, and So I Married an Axe Murderer (which I got because Adam hasn’t seen it at all and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it myself.) I’ll let you know about hot woman and Lord of the Rings Status on those later.