Post-christmas haze

Christmas at mom’s was nice. We took a car from the the Car Co-op out to my mom’s place, mellowed out there all day, then came home to sleep. I got snowshoes from Adam, they are truly awesome. Now to set up some snowshoeing dates.

Yesterday we went in to Vancouver and played board/card games at Wolf’s house. We played Citadels, Puerto Rico, and Carcassone, for nearly 11 hours of gaming funness. Today Adam is working (early shift ew) but will be home soon I think. It’s been rain/snow/slushing out all day – pretty miserable and wet, really. I should go out and get some groceries, but I’ve been lazy. I did do some cleanup and took out the recycling, but that’s as ambitious as I got. Maybe I’ll meet Adam on his way home at the Grocereteria or something. I should really get out of the house, even if it is miserable out.

I am considering knitting myself some simple slippers. Anyone got a good pattern out there? Preferably easy, because I am lazy and lack attention span for complicated things.