Farewell Huffy

Yesterday Adam went riding in the morning. I decided to post Huffy on Craigslist and see if I could get her sold. Huffy was officially sold within three hours of my posting her, and at the price that I listed her at, which was a pretty good deal for someone who knows a bit about cars – there really wasn’t much wrong with the car, and it had pretty low mileage for its age. It is amazing how good it felt to get rid of the car, finally. We took it off the road last year in November because we didn’t want to sink more money into it, and started using the Co-operative Auto Network instead. That worked well enough that we decided to sell the car, which I asked Adam to take care of. I didn’t really want to deal with it, as I had a lot of things going on with the pregnancy and such. Plus, Huffy was in his name, so he had to be the official seller.

Adam never really got around to making an effort to sell it, which stressed me out rather a lot on one or two occasions. For the past few months I think we both just ignored the car’s existance. It kept bothering me, though, every time I looked out in the parking lot and saw the car sitting there. Yesterday I was sitting at home with Lyra while Adam was out biking, and I thought I’d just post the car on Craigslist at a good price, be up front about whatever was wrong with it, and list it using Adam’s email address. My plan was to force him to deal with whoever looked into it.

Curious if he’d got any emails about it, I had to check it. Adam was still out riding, but there was already one message from a very interested guy, complete with phone number. It couldn’t hurt to call him, I thought, so I did. He wanted to come over and see the car as soon as possible, and said he could come by in twenty minutes or so. I agreed, and when I got off the phone called Adam to tell him he should come home soon, since I was apparently about to sell the car, and I needed him there to do so. I think he was surprised.

The guy arrived on cue, so I took him out to see Huffy. Just as we walked out to where she was parked, Adam got home from riding – all muddy and damp. After taking a look at the car, he decided to take it, and went to get the cash & transfer papers.

Three hours. It was that easy. I feel so much lighter having the car gone. And I put some money into savings. Good things all.

Oh, that’s what they mean by moody…

Had a bit of a breakdown in the car today. I got Lorne to jump the car battery just before he and Adam and Chris left for their weekend of biking at Whistler Bike Park. I let the car run for a good half an hour after they left, driving it around the alley a bit and testing all the electronic control things like fans and headlights and radio and so on. It seemed okay, although a bit weird – when I turned on the headlights, it kind of lost power for a split second before turning them on. Not a normal thing for Huffy to do.

After the half hour or so had passed, I figured I’d put the car back into its parking spot and shut it off to see if it would come back on again. I was hopeful, since I bought a new battery for it about two months ago. I put my foot on the brake after backing in, put it into park, and the car just went *poof* and shut off, completely losing power. I tried restarting it – it refused to even turn over. I have no idea why it would shut down so thoroughly like that – maybe the alternator or something? At any rate, I phoned Adam (who was already on the road in West Van by then) and told him it wasn’t working and had a bit of a panic attack on the phone and hung up on him, throwing the phone across the car. He called back (smart of him, really) to talk me down a bit and figure out if he needed to come back home.

At this point there isn’t really anything he could do anyway – I just want him to deal with the car, and I’ve wanted him to deal with it for many many months. I had a friend from work coming to look at it to consider buying it today, though, so I was just hoping that would be the end of us owning Huffy. The car not working just left me feeling utterly overwhelmed, so after I got off the phone with Adam, sending him off on his way to Whistler, I think I just sat there crying for about ten minutes.

I’m okay now, really, but would be thrilled if the car would just magically disappear. I should be able to find the battery receipt and get that warrantied, at least, but that’s not much good if the alternator’s dead, or if there’s more wrong with it that I’m not aware of. I emailed my work friend and told him what was up, but he still wants to come out and see it anyway.

So I’m sitting alone upstairs looking at the horrific mess that is my apartment, the giant pile of laundry that needs to get done, and worrying about baby things. I’ll be okay, it’s just a little overwhelming right now. I’m sure pregancy is amplifying the moodiness.

Random thoughts on a Friday night

We went for a ride on Burnaby tonight. It was a good ride.

I’ve extended my contract at work doing the web stuff. It means I’m still doing five day weeks for the next six months. Kind of unfortunate in the sense that I really like the four day workweek, but I didn’t want to give up the communications work I was doing and didn’t have another option to hang on to it. And so I’m a normal five day a week chump. Go me.

Tomorrow I plan to do the CBC trail day pre-hike and then help Anne garden.

Adam’s been sick again lately. He’s been super frustrated about it, and getting really stressed out about it. Extra stress on top of everything else that’s bothering him these days… I don’t know. It’s just challenging or something. I’m tired.

Huffy’s been acting funny lately, and we’re trying to decide how to deal with a car that’s aging and not meeting our actual needs. We’re seriously considering the Car Co-op. The front left tire loosened for no apparent reason and nearly fell off as we were driving down the highway. It was fun, really. Thankfully we had BCAA and they came to help us.

I’m tired. I think it’s bedtime.

Nothing day

Today I woke up at 10:11, sat at my computer, and did absolutely nothing. Well, I watched some Full Metal Alchemist episodes until Adam got home at 2:45, and I made some bread in the breadmaker, but really, that was basically nothing.

Adam came home and we walked down to Lonsdale Quay (19 blocks downhill) then turned around and walked back up the hill. Later this evening we shall do yoga again, and maybe we’ll play some NWN2. Maybe. That keeps falling through, which disappoints me because I really do want to play and I can’t play without Adam because we’re playing through it together.

So the car was off the road for a month, and I realized that I didn’t particularly miss it. This led me to thinking that maybe we don’t really need to own a car, which made me wonder how much we could sell the car for. We’d likely join the local car co-op if we did sell the car. It would save us quite a bit on insurance and maintenance and gas and so on. Huffy is a super low-emission car, as shown by her amazing Aircare pass numbers. We’ve also put a lot into keeping her running well, and repaired anything that’s ever gone wrong with her, so it’s not like she’s in bad shape, plus she’s pretty low mileage for her age…

It’s something to consider, anyhow. She’s a good little car, but really, do we need a car? I’m thinking not so much, especially if the car co-op is a viable option…

ICBC is the suck

We’re basically dead broke for the next two weeks due to ICBC telling us to pay them 400$ to forget the fender bender last year happened, or face a 75% increase (that’s 1000$ a year more than we were already paying) in our insurance. So we paid them the 400$ bribe to forget I got run into last year, and paid for aircare, and paid for a day permit to get aircare, and paid for this month’s insurance (which expired in December because for some unknown reason, while they actually HAD our new address they sent the notice to our old address, so we didn’t realize it had expired.) At least Huffy’s back on the road now, and her emission levels are exceptionally low. That’s nice.

As such, we’re now eating Kraft Dinner for lunch. We’re still going to the outdoor adventure & bike show downtown with my brother today, we scrounged the cash together from stuff we found lying around the house for admission, but there is no chance we can get any of the parts we were hoping for unless we put it on a credit card.

The other reason we’re broke is that we paid off my credit card yesterday. That was 800$. It’s good to have it paid off, but damn. I’m already almost tired of the Kraft Dinner.

It’s not been a great week.

Mountain Biking today!

So today we’re heading back out to Burnaby for another ride on Nicole’s trail, Burnaby Mountain. We went last week, and it was good times, but we left late in the day so I didn’t have a chance to get very many pictures – nothing on the ride down, in fact. I hope to remedy that today, assuming Sean gets here. He’s a half hour late now.

Our car is offline now – Huffy’s insurance expired and we weren’t aware of it, and because she’s been in the province for a year now we have to get her Aircare’d. Basically we can’t drive until we find the money to do that, so it’ll likely be a while. This is why we Sean has to pick us up for biking today – we can’t get to Burnaby easily with our bikes on our own. Adam’s bike barely fits into Huffy anyway, so it’s better if we don’t use our car when we go riding.

Tonight is the Barenaked Ladies concert. I have tickets with Tara; good times will be had. I haven’t seen them in a very long time, and I’m looking forward to the show. Assuming, of course, I don’t hurt myself riding today, but that’s not really likely.

My leg armour for biking is starting to fall apart – I am not impressed with that. I saw some armour at one of the shops we visited last week that was just awesome looking – marketed for girls (of course) in a lovely baby blue. You can get legs, arms and full body armour. I am seriously eyeing the legs and arms. The body armour would be great to have as well, but it’s rather pricey so I can’t really afford it yet.

Anyhow. Hopefully Sean will be here soon and we’ll get out to biking. Also hopefully I will have some pictures to post of biking later on.

Save me from a Villainous imagination

I got Adam to pick up a yoga dvd from his work. We’ve now gone through the dvd twice, once on Sunday and again this evening after work. We rather need a second yoga mat – our floor is not good for yoga without one. The palms of my hands are killing me. I think he’s enjoying the yoga though. Or at least not hating it, and that’s something.

Huffy has been in the shop since Friday. Something about a part for they power steering pump they needed not coming in on Saturday, getting re-ordered, then not making it in until this morning sometime. They have apparently fixed the issue (also known as the hideous noise coming from under the hood – likely demons) and given huffy an oil change and general tune-up. $400 later and we’re thinking about grounding huffy for a while for bad behaviour.

Adam’s work is currently kind of weird. He’s on these contracts that last a week, three weeks, a month, etc., and in between getting sent back to his job at the service centre. He’s becoming very frustrated with being shuffled around from place to place where he’s useful, without anyone really committing to giving him a real full time position. I think his work might have commitment issues, and really all he wants is someone to go steady with…

I haven’t been good at listening the past couple of weeks. I’m going to work on that.

I quit being self-sacrificing and went ahead and got a ticket to the BNL show on Feb. 2nd. Enough with the telling Adam he can buy games and then feeling guilty for wanting to spend money on a ticket that I really, really want. We went to the Billy Talent / Rise Against / Anti-flag / Moneen show last week, and being in that arena full of punk bands and teenagers full of that energy that only comes from seeing a band you love made me want desperately to go see one of my bands. I do like Billy Talent, but the shows where I know the words to every song – those bring me to a place of joy that I can’t really explain.

The most interesting thing for me personally about the Billy Talent show is the impact that absorbing all that energy has on me. I’m a sponge for emotions, and I have been for as long as I can remember. In an arena where a huge crowd is feeling so much of the same emotion, it has the most amazing effect on me – I got overwhelmed over and over again as waves of that energy hit me in full force. It was enough to make me cry, over and over again. I kept having to hide and pretend I had something in my eye to get rid of another tear. It wasn’t a sad thing, not at all… just an overflow of passion and positive energy that I couldn’t contain.

It’s addictive. I want more. I’m listening now.

Ferry to Victoria

I’ve decided that, although a bike ride from Sidney to Victoria would be just awesome (they have a bike path, it’s about 30km,) I don’t think it’s a good option for me right now. I’d be biking alone, which wouldn’t be that much fun really, and I might get stranded, which would be interesting at the least.

And so, back to plan A. Bring Huffy on the Ferry.

Leave early in the morning to catch the ferry to Swartz Bay, take the required photos in Victoria (there aren’t many) and then head back to Swartz Bay, catch the ferry to Salt Spring Island, spend some time exploring there and taking photos, and then catch the ferry home to Tsawassen (or however it’s spelled) in the evening.

It will be fun.

Road Trip with the Mighty Huffy!

Adam & I went on a road trip for the long weekend with my brother Chris and our friend Tara. We intended to go to a cabin in 100 Mile House (a town in central BC) but ended up going a very scenic route to Kamloops instead, through 100 Mile House. it was a whole lot of fun, but I will write details later.

In the meantime, there are, of course, Road Trip Photos to be viewed.

And as always, i have updated the Picture a Day Project for your viewing pleasure.


It’s absolutely gorgeous out today. I should go out and get some pictures of things, or maybe even people. I could probably find a park somewhere and just sit and watch people for a long time.

I have to go pick up Huffy’s back seat today – it’s finally dried out, only took a week and a half of having fans and heaters pointed at it while it hung from the car dealership’s ceiling. While I’m there, I might stop by the gym and work out a bit. I finally went to the gym last night after work for the first time. That means I did two nights of fencing and one of working out at the gym. Am I losing weight yet? I guess I’d need to own a scale to find out. Meh. I guess I should feel good about going to the gym, but I don’t yet, and likely won’t until I can actually see results.

Eh, I’m just grumpy this morning I guess.

While what I really want to do is go out and sit somewhere I can watch people, at a park or a coffee shop or something, what I realistically should do is stay in and finish working on the multitude of projects that I need to move forward. Especially since Adam’s at work today, which means I can use his computer without feeling guilty about it. The whole point of all these side projects is to make up for the lack of money – the fencing project is for barter because I couldn’t afford the classes otherwise, the new website and publishing Eventide are to try and sell things to make more money so I can get a laptop (which would actually allow me to both people-watch and work outside/in a coffee shop.) Tied in to the new website are my printing and framing projects, although somewhat loosely. I will have a show before the year is out. preferably before the summer is out.

In the meantime, I think I’ll take some self-portraits before I head out to get the car seat.