The end of a kind of era

This has been a tough week for us.

It is my sad duty to report that Dayle’s long and infamous life has come to an unfortunate conclusion. Early this week, he showed some strange symptoms – he couldn’t breathe properly, and he was extremely distressed. In a day’s time he had deteriorated severely. After a night at the veterinary hospital, we came to the conclusion (with the vet’s support) that it was time to let him go. There was no coming back from his condition.

By now Dayle has probably made himself comfortable in his new kingdom, with new slaves to plot the ultimate demise of. Captain America seems a little deflated, and Sera has been cautiously sitting in all the places that Dayle used to chase her away from. She seems to wonder why he’s not there.

Lyra always considered both Dayle and Sera as the same cat, I think. She’s always called Dayle by his name, and Sera Dayle. Not all cats are Dayle to Lyra… just our cats. In that sense, he’s still around in a very weird way.

The apartment feels emptier without his huge personality and presence. It’s strange not have heard him singing, or felt him jumping on our heads in bed at night. It will get easier, but for now there is a huge hole in our lives. We miss our ex-pharaoh demon asshole cat. We’ll be telling tales of his escapades for years to come.

The last photo of Dayle I took:

Dayle is sick. I am sad.

Dayle in his prime:

Photo a day project: April 2006

Sera & Dayle Napping

Photo a day project: January 2006

Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away…

The cats are getting spring fever. I’ve got the windows wide open to let in the fresh warm air (it must be around 10-15 degrees celcius out there) and the cats are staring intently out. Dayle just randomly assaulted Sera.

There are kids in the alley behind my building biking around and playing, in shorts and t-shirts. The scent of flowers is thick in the air, and crocii have started appearing. Yes, it’s the standard end-of-February spring thaw in Vancouver. The upsides to living here really are awesome. So what if we’ll never buy a house in North Vancouver?

I was trapped in the house all morning waiting for UPS to arrive. They did, but it was a package for Adam and thus not as exciting as one might hope. This afternoon, however, I have every intention of getting outside. The plan is to go to Canadian Tire to get a car battery for Huffy (once she has a battery we can sell her!) and a few other things like light bulbs and a bedroom window blind. I will do my best not to overshop – I think I’m in the sort of mood that could get me in trouble.

I would have acquired a battery for Huffy sooner, but I didn’t want to carry it back home on the bus. Those things are heavy. Fortunately, Lorne has agreed to drive me there and back. Some things really do go better with a car, and I do miss that convenience Huffy afforded us.

I’m surprised that no one’s had any suggestions for me on things I could make, keep, create, or whatever for the future adult that my baby will become. I’m a little disappointed I guess.

Dayle needs a bath….

I may go looking for some cat shampoo. Dayle smells like ass. It is unpleasant.

Who wants to help me bathe Dayle? If I was still set up with a campage I could take the laptop into the bathroom and let you all watch the excitement that ensued, but alas I am not.

That’s right, folks. To keep myself busy today I am seriously entertaining the thought of bathing my cat because he smells.



I am more than content with the state of mind I am in ’cause I am crazy, just like you.

Starting to feel a bit better, maybe I’m equalizing to my Vancouver self. I can honestly say that staying in New Liskeard for more than a week makes me truly appreciate where I live. I don’t think we could ever move back, even if we had a place of our own, unless we had something to keep us so busy that we’d never notice how boring the place is. I was ready to gnaw my arms off for entertainment by the end of it. It’s hard for me, too, to be in a place with people who are reminiscing about memories, times, places, and people that I wasn’t part of and can’t possibly remember. I was feeling pretty disconnected from everyone there by the time we were leaving. I really just wanted to go home and be alone for a while.

Adam’s been talking about going biking next weekend. Judging by how hard it’s raining right now, I don’t know if that will happen. We shall see. I will not be part of the excessive erosion that takes place on trails when people ride them in the rain.


We came home to a pair of angry and needy cats. Dayle ignored us for a while before allowing us to pet him. He’s now insatiable for attention. Sera immediately wanted cuddles, and spent last night sleeping on my head. Chris told us two days before we got home that Dayle had managed to break something he wasn’t supposed to be able to reach. I cried.

Here’s the story: While we were away, Chris brought over a love seat that we were planning to put in the office. There was an old futon in the office still, so Chris just put the love seat in the living room, next to the giant bookcase that the cats can’t reach the top of. Tara came over the next day to feed the cats and Dayle had knocked literally everything off the higher shelves that he normally can’t reach – including the hand-carved tiger maple goblet we used in our wedding ceremony and drink from on our wedding anniversary.

Naturally, it broke.

Dayle has an innate ability to find things that mean the most to me and smash them violently. It’s happened before. It will happen again. I cried, but I’m okay now. The thing is, I don’t tend to put symbolism into very many things in my life, because I’ve either lost so many things or had them taken away from me, or had to get rid of them for some reason. That was one of the few things right now that are symbolic to me. Talented cat. It was out of his reach for a long time. The love seat facilitated his destructive nature.

They’re pretty sure they can glue it back together. It snapped at the narrow part of the stem, so it might be awkward, but doable. Here’s hoping.

It’s bedtime and I’m still up

Dayle I think knows we’re going somewhere. We had large packs out tonight and were filling them with clothes. He’s been uber-needy ever since.

Tomorrow is the last day for work before the break. It’s also the Holiday Party, which I don’t have a cute dress for, which makes me sad. Yes, I can be girly that way. I realized today that I haven’t bought myself a new pretty dress-up outfit in a couple of years. Now I want one desperately. If only I had more time on lunch to guy buy something.

Thursday is the flight out from Vancouver. Hopefully the extreme weather we’re having will let up so we can actually fly out.

Dayle, the mighty snowflake hunter!

Dayle has been sitting on his platform by the window, staring out at the snow, making intermittent squeaky-meowing sounds. I think he wants to catch each and every snowflake that’s falling in front of his eyes. He seems mesmerized.

It’s still snowing. I have a feeling the roads are dangerous right now – this city’s not as well prepared for snowfall as one that actually gets a lot of snow every winter. Vancouver drivers mostly don’t know how to drive in snow, either. There will be no going out today, except for places we can walk to. We were supposed to go for breakfast at a friend’s place this morning… I think that’s being called off because of the weather. Unfortunate, that.

Power Struggle

The hydro went out at work just after 2pm. We stood around chatting until about 3, when we learned that it would probably be out until at least six, and so we went home. Now I sit here at home, contemplating having a nap. I can hear the wind and rain outside buffeting the windows. I can only see as far as perhaps 21st street (I live on 19th) up the hill because beyond 21st it’s just cloud cover.

Dayle was concerned by my coming home early – he actually got up from sleeping and followed me around meowing for a while. They know my schedule pretty well, so when something changes they seem to get a little put off sometimes. Sera didn’t really care, though.

I’m sleepy and considering a nap until Adam comes home.

Since when did halloween equal fireworks?

It has been nonstop fireworks outside since I got home. I don’t remember fireworks being a part of halloween at all when I was younger – I can’t tell if it’s a new association, if it’s an ‘outside of ontario’ thing, or if I was just clueless when I was younger. Either way, Dayle has been staring out the window for an hour or so at least.

Headache again tonight. I’m attempting to keep track of these things so I can report to my doctor or something. This one started sometime after dinner and is lurking around my temples and behind my eyes.

I’m grumpy today and can’t define the reason for it. I’ve also been feeling overwhelmingly inadequate the past two days or so. Might just go lie down in bed and feel sorry for myself or somesuch nonsense. Rest the eyes and the soul. I had bad dreams last night that ended in my death, generally car accident related.

Just heard a firework set off a car alarm. Dayle seems to be tuning them out for now but I’m not convinced he’ll stay that way…

Oh yeah I have to remember to watch the Hour on Thursday. I like george, and thursday there will be some climate change stuff that I should probably familiarize myself with enough to deal with the next day at work should there be calls. This has to be the most dynamic and interesting reception/admin position I’ve had to date… it really does make a difference when you care about the place you’re working for.

Ever since my 30th birthday things have been particularly good. Other than lurking headaches and occasional hormonal grumpiness, I’m pretty happy with life. It’s a nice place to be.