The end of a kind of era

This has been a tough week for us.

It is my sad duty to report that Dayle’s long and infamous life has come to an unfortunate conclusion. Early this week, he showed some strange symptoms – he couldn’t breathe properly, and he was extremely distressed. In a day’s time he had deteriorated severely. After a night at the veterinary hospital, we came to the conclusion (with the vet’s support) that it was time to let him go. There was no coming back from his condition.

By now Dayle has probably made himself comfortable in his new kingdom, with new slaves to plot the ultimate demise of. Captain America seems a little deflated, and Sera has been cautiously sitting in all the places that Dayle used to chase her away from. She seems to wonder why he’s not there.

Lyra always considered both Dayle and Sera as the same cat, I think. She’s always called Dayle by his name, and Sera Dayle. Not all cats are Dayle to Lyra… just our cats. In that sense, he’s still around in a very weird way.

The apartment feels emptier without his huge personality and presence. It’s strange not have heard him singing, or felt him jumping on our heads in bed at night. It will get easier, but for now there is a huge hole in our lives. We miss our ex-pharaoh demon asshole cat. We’ll be telling tales of his escapades for years to come.

The last photo of Dayle I took:

Dayle is sick. I am sad.

Dayle in his prime:

Photo a day project: April 2006

Sera & Dayle Napping

Photo a day project: January 2006

Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away…

The cats are getting spring fever. I’ve got the windows wide open to let in the fresh warm air (it must be around 10-15 degrees celcius out there) and the cats are staring intently out. Dayle just randomly assaulted Sera.

There are kids in the alley behind my building biking around and playing, in shorts and t-shirts. The scent of flowers is thick in the air, and crocii have started appearing. Yes, it’s the standard end-of-February spring thaw in Vancouver. The upsides to living here really are awesome. So what if we’ll never buy a house in North Vancouver?

I was trapped in the house all morning waiting for UPS to arrive. They did, but it was a package for Adam and thus not as exciting as one might hope. This afternoon, however, I have every intention of getting outside. The plan is to go to Canadian Tire to get a car battery for Huffy (once she has a battery we can sell her!) and a few other things like light bulbs and a bedroom window blind. I will do my best not to overshop – I think I’m in the sort of mood that could get me in trouble.

I would have acquired a battery for Huffy sooner, but I didn’t want to carry it back home on the bus. Those things are heavy. Fortunately, Lorne has agreed to drive me there and back. Some things really do go better with a car, and I do miss that convenience Huffy afforded us.

I’m surprised that no one’s had any suggestions for me on things I could make, keep, create, or whatever for the future adult that my baby will become. I’m a little disappointed I guess.

Cleanliness is… clean?

The apartment is neat, tidy, swept, vacuumed, dusted, and other random things. Laundry has been laundrified. I haven’t even looked at the bedroom, as it is simply a vast land of clothing piles. One of these days we’ll get a bedroom set, and the clothing can live in dressers where it belongs….

I, however, am feeling a bit grimy myself. I think I’ll go take a shower. Today has been good for the apartment I suppose, but I really don’t enjoy spending my entire Friday to myself doing housework. Ew. I have more interesting things I’d rather be doing, like bettering myself, or spending quality time with the Kitties. Granted, they’re napping, so that would mean napping, but I think I’m okay with that.

Cats and balconies

I saw a cat sitting on the third floor balcony of another apartment in my building. We are on the third floor as well, but don’t let the cats out on the balcony because I have issues with such things. The cat was sitting on the edge of the balcony, happy as can be.

I wish I could let Dayle & Sera out on our balcony, but I just don’t trust things. I don’t trust that one of them won’t miscalculate on a jump (which Dayle does often) or slip, or try to chase a bird off the edge, or some other mistake or accident leading to one of them falling off and down to the pavement, or to huffy’s roof. Three floors isn’t that far, but it’s far enough.

And really, I don’t think I could go through that again. I still have nightmares and flashbacks and feel horrendously sick to my stomach from memories of the first time it happened, off that 17th story balcony by pure accident. As such, the cats stay in, and we have to lock them up when we want to open the windows or the balcony door since there are no got-damn screens in this got-damn province. I’m hoping to get a screen custom-made for the patio door – we tried to buy a standard one but it didn’t fit.

Anyhow. It’s sad that my paranoia keeps the cats inside and not on the balcony watching the world like that orange tabby on the other side of the building. But for my sanity it’s for the best. It’s been something like seven years since then, and the memory hasn’t become easier to deal with – it doesn’t seem like it’s going to any time soon.


Turned the cam on. I think it helps me focus or something.

Am now over 18,000 words. I hope Tara comes by soon to give me a break from the writing.

Kitties were being cute earlier, but now they’re just napping in the living room. Sera followed me around while I assembled things to make a beef stew in the crock pot – she was just really wanting to be fed. I fed her, she ate, haven’t seen her since.

Hey, if I broke 18,000 that means I get to eat another blondie! Woohoo!

Sera is a mighty carnivore

Sera is such a huntress… she brought a huge moth home, and is now playing with it in the yard on the other side of the door. She wanted us to let her inside with it. She’s having way too much fun with the thing… then again, I’m amused by watching her stalk it…

The laundry monster has been defeated!

We finally got through all the laundry. It took a while. Just have to put it all away now, before the cats come back in and get their fur all over it again. The only problem with putting it away is I have to stand precariously balanced on the dresser to get into the closet (small apartment issues again) so it’s an event in and of itself.

I’m considering taking a Mental health day off on Wednesday to spend it with my mom. It’ll cost me like 90$ out my my paycheque (ouch) but I really want to spend more than an evening with her. I wish she was coming down on a weekend, then there wouldn’t be a problem, but she’s just passing through Toronto on the drive back to Vancouver, so she can’t stay long. It sucks.

I’m really thirsty. I think I’m going to drink some frozen milk now. I hate my fridge.