Lyra at one and beyond

Lyra is over thirteen months old now. Her first birthday came and went so quickly, I barely had time to think about what it really meant. And then She got sick, and Adam got sick, and I got sick, and we all got better, then all got sick again. Many weeks passed with varying degrees of sickness in the house, and I was too tired or sick to really think about anything.

We’re finally all better now, which is nice. It won’t last, but it’s nice. Daycare is full of babysick germs that apparently attack us grown-ups worse than the babies.

So Lyra turned one, and within a few weeks so many developmental changes started kicking in that I could barely keep track anymore. She started cruising around furniture with a vengeance. She began standing up unassisted from the floor – although every time she noticed she was doing so she would sit back down because she’s pretty sure she can’t actually do that. She started eating regular foods in earnest and with great joy – especially fruit like blueberries, bananas, and cut up grapes. Just last night she discovered that the tube-shaped wooden block fits into the hole of the donut-shaped wooden block perfectly, and apparently spent two hours just doing that over and over with a huge grin on her face.

The best part of it has probably been the emergence of preferences. Not just ‘she likes food A more than food B’ but actual choices. She will pull every book off the shelf until she finds the one she wants you to read her, then bring it over to you and crawl into your lap. Right now her favourite books are Oh the thinks you can think by Dr. Seuss and The Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton. She also now points at foods she specifically wants, and even sort of says Banana if that’s what she’s looking for. It comes out as ‘ba’ – which is the same word she uses for baby, ball, and book – but accompanied by energetic pointing and a certain inflection that I can’t describe in words, you know which one it is she means each time.

She also made Adam watch So you think you can dance Canada last week. He was flipping through channels and flipped past it, and she got excited and pointed at the tv until he turned it back. She then sat down and watched it for a while. The girl definitely knows what she likes, and is not at all afraid to tell you in any way she can communicate it.

In addition to saying ba, she also says something that could be ‘hi’ – it comes out as “I!” and is usually to get your attention. It makes sense, since we say hi to her to get her attention.

Some of her new favourite games (and old ones that never get tired) are piano playing (on someone’s lap or from the floor), dancing to music, pulling disks out of the ps3, knocking stacked blocks over, assisted walking (either by holding hands or by pushing her walker thing around), and flinging herself between people who catch her – it’s nearly like trying to walk, but she doesn’t take steps so much as throw her entire body at you and expect you to catch her. Naturally, she’s either grinning or laughing the entire time.

She has favourite songs & music videos too. She loves Twinkle Twinkle little star, and Daft Punk’s Around the World. She will dance and smile to anything she likes, and ignore whatever she doesn’t like.

She’s also enjoying daycare more every day, which is nice. The interaction with other babies has been great – she hasn’t had that much time to play with other babies her own age, so I’m really happy with the amount of socialization she’s getting.

Last night I dreamed she was starting to repeat words we said to her. She’s not quite there yet, but I don’t think it’s that far off. The thought of her being able to say things to us is a little mind-blowing at times, and also very exciting. Then again, every single thing that I get to see her figure out is just amazing.

Babies are little geniuses. I wish I could learn at that rate now.

Stuff that’s happened recently: Lyra’s first birthday and other things

I had started at least two updates, and then rebooted the computer both times without saving. Oops. As such, this is a much-delayed update. This one is mostly about events, rather than thoughts.

Lyra turned one

EatingMy little girl had her very first birthday on the ninth of July. Adam and I picked her up from Daycare (where they had given her a birthday hat and sang her songs all day) and took her out for a lovely sushi dinner at one of the multitudes of sushi restaurants on Lonsdale Avenue. Lyra loves sushi – already a west coast girl at heart. She picks up the rolls and gnaws on the rice and whatever is inside (avocado, cucumber, yam) and takes the whole piece apart, tossing much of it on the floor in the process. Fortunately she’s cute enough that the staff at the sushi restaurant think she’s awesome and don’t mind cleaning up her mess.

After her sushi dinner, we took her across the street to Brazza Gelato & Coffee, where we acquired gelato for her dessert. Naturally, she also loves gelato. Not really sure if it’s possible for a baby to not love gelato. Or anyone, really. At any rate, it was a huge win. (As an aside, I just looked at their website. I wonder if they’d barter a new website and product/shop photography for free coffee for a year or something? Mmmm Brazza coffee…)

It was a nice little family birthday celebration, and we had a good night.

Lyra had a birthday party

Her birthday party was on the weekend at my mom’s house in Pitt Meadows. We invited a bunch of friends to celebrate with us, and got cake (of course) for Lyra to mutilate. She spent a good part of the afternoon crawling around naked in the yard, playing in the baby pool, and generally enjoying herself. There really is nothing like spending your birthday in your birthday suit, and she was a model birthday girl. She wasn’t very interested in opening her gifts, so I opened them for her – books and toys and clothes – all much appreciated by her parents, if not the little girl herself. There was also a Barbeque, and Adam, Lyra and I stayed the night so that my mom could babysit the little girl the next day while Adam and I went biking together. It happens rarely, so it was a great Lyra birthday present for us. She had a fantastic time playing with her Nana.

Here are the rest of the photos from her birthday party.

Adam and I went biking together

Our ride was a nice one, with Maryn and Chris. We did the lower trails in Burnaby (I made them ride the trails up and back down, which was great) and then went to Port Moody where we rode Starz. It’s really been a long time since Adam & I rode bikes together (I think we managed it twice last fall) so it was a good time. Plus, I hadn’t ridden with Chris in two years or something, which was just sad. All remedied.

Lyra caught a cold around the 11th, just after Adam was sick. I caught the same cold by the 14th, and was not happy. For three days I was at home with Lyra being sick, and me sick too. Trust me on this one, it’s really no fun. Nine days now and I still have a really sore throat and a nasty-sounding cough. I’m hoping it moves along soon, I’m tired of this, and everyone else seems better now.

I still have thoughts I want to share about Lyra’s first birthday, but this entry is far more practical than that, and already long enough. Worry not, I will fill you in shortly.

Lyra’s first birthday

Today Lyra turned one. I will do a full update on my thoughts and feelings about this in the next little while, but for now I just want to say that I think she had a great day. She had fun times at Daycare, Adam and I took her out for sushi and gelato, where she got very, very messy. I got her a couple of books about a giraffe named Saffy. She loves giraffes. I love Saffy.

The full party with the extended family and friends is on the weekend. Good times for all. And there will be cake. I’ve seen it, it’s not a lie.

Why isn’t it Friday yet?

I’m working from home tomorrow, as I have a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day and my doctor’s office is right next to my apartment. I’m doing the web job, naturally, and not reception – it’s very hard to do reception from home.

My computer’s choosing nice mellow music tonight. It is good.

I biked to work finally today; the ride in to work was nice, cool enough that I never felt overheated, but not so cold that I needed extra layers. The rains will start soon, and I’ll probably have trouble motivating myself to ride an hour each direction in the pouring rain. We shall see, I guess. Plus I’m not fond of the idea of biking home in the dark for an hour… not so much fun.

As I rode in today I remembered something from childhood that made me smile. When I was a kid I pretended my bike was some crazy technologically advanced spy vehicle (much like K.I.T.T. but without the talking, and with a video screen built in.) Naturally, I was the spy. In the fall I would bike around Morrisburg streets pretending all sorts of adventures, and the fallen leaves were always, always bombs that I had to avoid. I would swerve all over the road weaving through the leaves half believing that if I hit one of them with my front tire I would explode, until finally there would just be too many and I’d have to give in and come up with a new game. You can’t dodge leaves when the entire road is made up of them.

That is what biking in the fall reminds me of.

Monday I turn 31, and I’m looking forward to it. I rather enjoy the opportunity a birthday gives me to look back over the past year and think about what I’ve done, how I’ve changed or improved, what goals I’ve either completed, dismissed or failed to reach, and what my new goals might be.

I have great plans for myself, if I can figure out how to implement them. In the meantime I’ll be dodging fallen leaves on my bike and having all sorts of fun at it.

Happy Birthday to me!

Today was my birthday – I am now 30. Yay!

We started the morning with a lovely Pannekoek breakfast at a place on Cambie called the Wooden Shoe, or something like that. The original plan was to go to Science World’s Bodyworlds exhibit, but when we arrived we saw the gigantic lineup and decided not to do that today. Instead we hopped on the Skytrain to downtown and went to the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery,) where we wandered around for a while. Afterwords we indulged in some Caffe Artigiano Cappuccinos and went for a walk down Robson street, where we managed to somehow not stop at the candy apple & chocolate store (Rocky Mountain Chocolate.)

Someday I will buy someting at that store, and it will be good.

We then went to a park where we sat and watched dogs playing with dog owners (and other dogs.) It made us want a dog.

Then, of course, there was dinner. I think about eleven of us were there, and there were gifts and a game of pool and forays into crude territory that left us gasping for air and in pain from laughing so hard towards the end of the evening. Oh my. I will never look at Kangaroos the same way again. And don’t even ask about the secret handshake.

Now we’re at home, where Dayle left six piles of kitty puke for us to clean up. Thanks for the great gift, Dayle. Freak.

It was a good birthday.

Birthday Yay!

Happy happy birthday to my lovely and wonderful friend Mistress laquira. You rock & stuff.

How I spent my 29th birthday

The night before my birthday my husband and I went to bed late, perhaps around 1:30. He wasn’t feeling well and while I fell asleep fairly quickly, he tossed and turned for an hour or so. I woke up around 2:30 to him in a considerable amount of pain, with nothing we could do about it. I stayed up about half an hour with him, then he went to sit on his computer and walk around the apartment for a while trying to settle himself down. I slept again until about 4:30 or 5:00, waking up to find him still awake, and still in pain. I spent the next three hours awake with him, trying to help him feel better. We figured out that he was having a severe reaction to the Tylenol 3 painkillers the doctor on thursday had prescribed him for his pain. Great.

At 8am he called the pharmacist and explained what was going on. We then walked to the pharmacy and picked up some stuff to help settle his stomach. By 9 we were back at the house, and we decided then to try and sleep for a while. Adam’s pain had settled enough that he fell asleep, and I was just exhausted by this time, so I slept until Tara called around 11 or so. I got up at about 11:30, read a little bit and waited for Tara to arrive with the makings for French Toast.

Tara arrived, we sat around talking for a while, then started preparing brunch. I think it was ready around 1:30, so I woke Adam up to join us. He was still in some pain but not nearly as bad, and he’d managed to get some sleep which was good. The french toast was awesome.

After brunch we headed out for a drive up a mountain. We hadn’t been up Mt. Seymour yet, so that is where we went. I took a few pictures, which I will post shortly. We didn’t do any hiking, since Adam still wasn’t up to much walking around or anything, but it was lovely up there. Coming down from the mountain we decided to stop in Deep Cove, which is probably the most beautiful part of North Vancouver I’ve seen yet.

We headed to an Earl’s restaurant for dinner where I had steak. It was quite good, especially since I haven’t had steak in a very long time. Tara got the wait staff to sing happy birthday to me, for which I will forever be annoyed (I hate that) but still appreciate the sentiment. We came home after that and Adam took a nap while I supervised Tara making an angel food cake. I love angel food cake, but I was the only one among the three of us who had ever made one before.

Waiting for the cake to cool so we could eat it, we ended up playing SSX Tricky. Once the cake was cool enough, we ate some with whipped cream, and it was fantastic. Somehow I managed to stay awake until nearly 11pm, when we sent Tara home and Adam & I passed out from sheer exhaustion. I think I slept like the dead. Adam slept the night through, which is good – no more Tylenol 3s for him, which means any pain he gets from whatever’s wrong with him, he’s going to have to endure or hope that regular tylenol will work.

And that’s how I spent my 29th birthday.

My 25th Birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings and wishes and all that jazz on Monday. I had a wonderful birthday.

I slept in Monday morning, and when I woke up, had tea made for me. That’s a pretty good start to any day, really. Adam and I walked out the door around 1pm, grabbed some subs from Mr. Sub, and headed down to the Royal Ontario Museum. I’ve been living in Toronto for four years now, and haven’t been to the ROM even once. That makes me a bad Torontonian or something, I guess. Anyhow, we went to the ROM and checked out the Wine & Revelry exhibit (Bacchinalia… sweet!) and the Rodin exhibit and the rest of the museum. It was cool… I like museuming, just not by myself, and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

I had told Adam in the morning that I wanted to take some pictures at Casa Loma on my birthday, so he said he was going to plan it so we would get there at sunset. I picked up a metropass for myself, and felt really happy about it (I love metropasses,) and we stopped at McDonald’s for a triple-thick milkshake. Guess what? It’s just their soft ice cream in one of their paper cups. Nothing spectacular at all.

After the milkshake, we went to the St. Clair Reservoir park and took a few pictures there before walking down to Casa Loma. I finished off my colour film and put in the black & white roll, and took a bunch more pictures… The stables at Casa Loma are nicer buildings than the castle itself, I think. Too bad the stables are being restored, so you can’t really see much of the buildings right now.

For dinner we went down to Kensington Market, to a restaurant that belli has been telling me is amazing for the past eight months or so – La Palette. I’ve wanted to check it out forever, so that’s where we went. The food was amazing. It really does kick ass. And their house red wine is very very nice.

After dinner we came back up to my place and rented a couple of movies – Requiem for a Dream and Pay it Forward. We were going for some balance, one really fucked up movie and one relatively normal movie. We watched Requiem first…. and yes, it was fucked up, but still good. Pay it Forward was really good too, and helped clear the fuckedupness out of our heads.

I had my cellphone off all day… I just wanted a nice day away from phones. So if anyone tried to call the cell and got the answer service, that’s why.

Somehow, Monday managed to be one of the happiest me days I can remember having. Everything we did was something I wanted to do. I really did have a wonderful day.

And Adam’s got one more gift for me – but I don’t get it til he gets paid next. I already know what it is… It’s seriously going to rock.