Moving day

We’re moving. It’s been nearly five years since we moved into this place – that’s the second longest amount of time I’ve lived anywhere in my entire life (the record is seven years, if you’re curious). I can remember a time when I moved every six to eighteen months.

I love moving. I don’t mean the process – the packing, the loading and unloading of trucks, the transferring of utilities and services, and all the expenses that come along with it is all basically annoying but necessary. What I love is being somewhere new; arranging furniture and rooms, discovering great places in the new neighbourhood, and the feeling of adventure that comes with being somewhere unfamiliar.

This apartment, though, has been the home of a lot of firsts. Lyra’s life so far has been lived in this place, so every single one of her firsts is connected to this home. This was the first place Adam and I lived for longer than a year (we had a lot of apartments that lasted one year or less). It’s the first view we’ve ever had, and we will miss that view – although new condos are being built as we speak that will change that view for whomever moves in when we go. We lived here long enough to get to know the best restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, laundromats, parks, hiking and mountain bike trails. We know all the shortcuts and the transit schedules.

This is the first place we’ve been long enough to really be able to say it’s home.

So we’ve been getting ready to move to Port Moody. It’s not that far away, but it’s another city suburb of Vancouver. We have a lot of reasons for choosing Port Moody – it’s close to family and friends, it’s close to great mountain bike & hiking trails, it’s still transit accessible for both of our workplaces, and it’s a considerably less expensive neighbourhood to live in. Daycare costs are dropping by nearly half, and we’re moving into a 3 bedroom townhouse that’s only 100$ more a month than our 1.5 bedroom apartment. There are friends we’ll miss in North Van, but we’re really not that far away – it’s not like we’re moving to Ontario. There are more positives to this move than there are negatives (and I’ve weighed them over many times).

There are things I’ll miss, but I’m ready to move on.

Photo a day project: August 2006

The Lions of Vancouver

Pre-dawn snow


Making room

I’m trying to clear things we don’t need out of the apartment. We don’t really have a lot of stuff, but with new stuff coming in for the baby, space is going to be at a premium I think. Today I posted the nearly new litterbox that the cats hated up on craigslist, and someone contacted me for it within twenty minutes. This is good. Next I should probably take care of the single Futon Frame sitting in the hallway. No mattress for it (the mattress was a wreck) but the frame’s in good shape. Maybe someone will want it. Who knows with Craigslist.

Now that I have a glider/rocking chair, there’s no room anymore for the papasan chair in the living room. This makes me a bit sad – I would rather not let it go, but we don’t really have enough storage here for something that big, and there really isn’t anywhere else to put it. It’s sitting in the hall outside the bedroom right now – I trip over it on my nightly forays to the bathroom. (On a side now, holy toledo do I ever pee often these days!)

I’ve also tossed a whole bunch of old socks, and stored all my ‘can’t wear while pregnant’ clothing. It’ll be like Christmas going back into that pile of clothes and rediscovering a wardrobe.

Adam and I also hope to re-arrange the bedroom sometime this week. He gets worried every time we bring something else home for the baby. We’re keeping accessories to a minimum, but it’s inevitable that we’re going to need some things. Every large piece is going to take some consideration first, though – deciding if it’s something we actually need or if we’ll be fine without it. I’m pretty sure that an apartment sized washer (the kind that hooks up to your sink) is on the need list. Also, probably some sort of dresser/change table for the baby. Otherwise it’ll be on a ‘figure it out as we go’ basis. Iif something comes up, we’ll have to decide then.

It seems like standard house cleaning and spring sorting and the like, but this is actually pretty exciting for me.

In other exciting news, I’m sure I felt Ultra Magnus two nights ago rolling around in my belly. Up until now I’ve only had butterflies – things that could be gas, or might be a baby. This time I think it was definitely baby. So exciting!

I’ve missed these Fridays at home…

Today I’ve done laundry, cleaned the kitchen, logged in to work and send an email to get something there fixed, swept the floors, mopped the floors, and I think that’s about it. The apartment is tidier now. I still need to take a shower and go get the laundry out of the dryer downstairs.

The cats, on the other hand, have been lying on the couch all day watching me while intermittently sleeping. I feel somewhat envious of this, although I know that sleeping would probably just give me a headache.

I claim some boredom, but really I’m happy to not be at work today, and I’m happy to be able to mop the floors (they needed it!) and get some laundry done and lounge around with the kitties.

This week on the way home one evening I started to feel really pregnant. Not just the knowledge that I’m pregnant, and not a some of the discomfort of side effects and the like, but just sitting there on the bus incredibly aware of the belly. It’s definitely showing, and I’ve started feeling it in a different way. I don’t know if I can adequately explain it, to be honest. It just feels different than usual.

I think I may pull out the guitar and play for a little while.

Sleep or Galactica?

I’m quite exhausted today. Adam hardly slept at all last night, and while I slept, I don’t think it was particularly restful.

Yesterday we rode up Mount Fromme to take a ride down Pipeline. In my case it was more a Hike-a-bike down pipeline. Drops on a downslope are something that I have yet to manage on a regular basis, and when the downslope is 45 degrees and steeper, and the drops a foot or more, well, that’s just asking too much really. So I mostly walked on the way down. I actually rode on the way up though – altitude gain of over 1000 metres. It’s nice to leave the camera behind sometimes and just be able to ride.

I’m kind of amazed I’m still awake, really.

On Friday I went out with my mom to go thrift store shopping. I got a pair of pants, a cute grey hat, and a dark wooden dresser set (2 pieces) for 55$. SCORE! This means I can sort out our horribly messy closet and the piles of clothes on the floor, and put clothing into drawers where it belongs. This fills me with joy that I cannot begin to explain. I haven’t had a dresser since we lived in Ontario in summer of 2004. We’re approaching summer of 2007.

Trust me, Pure Joy.

And now, more Battlestar Galactica – Best Show On TV (or in our case, DVD). Later, sleep.

Cleanliness is… clean?

The apartment is neat, tidy, swept, vacuumed, dusted, and other random things. Laundry has been laundrified. I haven’t even looked at the bedroom, as it is simply a vast land of clothing piles. One of these days we’ll get a bedroom set, and the clothing can live in dressers where it belongs….

I, however, am feeling a bit grimy myself. I think I’ll go take a shower. Today has been good for the apartment I suppose, but I really don’t enjoy spending my entire Friday to myself doing housework. Ew. I have more interesting things I’d rather be doing, like bettering myself, or spending quality time with the Kitties. Granted, they’re napping, so that would mean napping, but I think I’m okay with that.

Bedroom reclamation has begun!

Tonight we installed a new phone jack in the busted one in the living room. This enabled us to move the phone, wireless router, and DSL modem out of the bedroom where they were lying in a mess of cables next to the bed for the past year. Slowly I will turn our bedroom into a bedroom.

Right now the bedroom has literally one piece of furniture: our bed. There is a close with clothing hanging in it and more clothing stacked on the shelf above, but there is more clothing than shelf and hanging space. Most of the clothes are in baskets around the room. I hate it. I want desperately a classic style wooden bedroom set, preferably in a red or dark wood (not light coloured.) I want two night tables, a short and long dresser, and maybe a taller narrower dresser as well. I also want a headboard.

Moving the phone stuff out of the bedroom was the first step. The rest shall follow. I will be watching Craigslist closely…

If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy

New Livejournal Style. I got bored of my old one finally. I’d like to create a custom background and header out of my photos, but don’t have the ambition right now. Perhaps later.

I scrubbed the balcony yesterday – all the green and black gunk of moss and mold that grows on outdoor surfaces in wet Vancouver is gone, and our balcony is a gleaming light gray. I’m seriously impressed, I didn’t think that stuff was coming off, but off it came. I keep glancing out the window at the balcony and being surprised by how bright it is.

Now that it’s winter, the straw mat we have on the balcony really has to come in – it’s too rainy for something like that to stay outside.

We can see the beginnings of snow on the Lions today. Yay snow! We’re going to actually do some downhill skiing this year.

Adam got a new bike, and we had made plans with people to go out riding somewhere. Everyone had to back out for various reasons, so now it’s just Adam and I. We’ll probably still go out somewhere, but since we’ve only got one car there will be no shuttling, and that limits our north shore riding choices quite a bit.

I should make something for breakfast. The clocks changed, it feels later than it is, but we still haven’t eaten yet. Adam’s busy fighting Starscream. Our apartment is nice and tidy. I have thoughts I would like to develop and implement. Maybe we could stay in and do some recording today… no, that would be a bit mean since Adam’s dying to try out the new ride. I’ll have to take a picture of his pretty new bike.

Soon the net will be down…

We’re going to start moving stuff over to the new place shortly. The computers will be shut down, the net will be disconnected, and there will be no more Intarweb for us. I tried to post yesterday’s PaD, but it wouldn’t upload for some unknown reason, so you’ll have to wait until I’m back online for that.

We’re not nearly as packed as we should be. I suppose it’s good that we have a month to get everything done.

Looks like one of our helpers can’t come out, and the other never actually got back to me as to whether they could help or not, so it’ll just be Chris, Chantal, Adam and I moving stuff. Mom will help pack and clean, and Merv will fix the broken outlet for us. I guess it’ll be okay.

I feel ambivalent today.


Today’s Picture a Day is now uploaded. I’ll probably get tomorrow’s done too, but once we’ve moved on Sunday we will be without internet for a bit, so I will continue taking photos but will not be able to post them until we’re online.

I packed up everything on my desk. Dayle and Sera watched me very, very closely. They know what’s going on now. Tomorrow will be dedicated to more packing, and I think Chris & Chantal are coming over. Otherwise it will be a quiet New Year’s Eve inside.

This apartment is cold. I don’t like it.


I think I’ll start tidying the office and packing up stuff in here. While I’m at it, I’ll turn on the cam, if I can find a place to put it.