About me

Rockin' the chemo mohawk (until the hair falls out...)
Rockin’ the chemo mohawk (until the hair fell out…)

Notorious web strategist Jennylee Silver has been moving between online hideouts for twenty years. She spends her time preparing organizations for the terrifying incursions they will face as they embrace new-fangled things like web campaigns, online communications, and social media. To facilitate her crafty escapes, she mountain bikes in the forests surrounding Vancouver, taking compelling photos of her surroundings to help throw off the trail. Just don’t let her get bored — you wouldn’t like her when she’s bored.

She is a cancer survivor, gamer, mom, musician, writer, photographer, and other random things as they come up.

This site is an outlet for Jenny Lee’s various creative endeavours – expect writing, a journal, and maybe even the occasional song to appear at random intervals.

Here’s a tune for now: Demons (written by Adam Danger Silver)