I weigh 155 lbs and I’m a size 12

Lyra picked this picture of me to add to this post. It's me! And Pandra.
Lyra picked this picture of me to add to this post. It’s me! And Pandra.

Why is it taboo to openly say your weight and size, anyway?

I weigh 155 lbs right now. Last year, at my top pregnancy weight carrying Pandra, I was 198 lbs. In 2008, after I had Lyra, I managed to lose some of the baby weight, and got myself back down to 167 lbs and a size 16 – not quite my pre-pregnancy weight of 153 lbs – through no real effort. But I was fully willing, at 167 lbs, at 175 lbs, wherever I was, to just tell people my weight. In my head, it’s not a big deal.

I’ve lost some weight, and I’m pretty much at my pre-pregnancy weight again, although I’m in considerably better shape now than I was then due to all the running I’ve been doing for the past four months. This is a good thing. I feel lighter, and I can maintain physical activity for a lot longer than I used to.

How I did it is pretty old-fashioned I guess. I changed my diet and re-learned how to cook, based on my new status as lactose intolerant. It was amazing how much dairy I ate that I had to completely cut out with no viable replacement – from candy bar treats to cheese croissants to pizza slices. These were foods I never felt guilty eating, so cutting them out without real health reasons do to so never crossed my mind. And then I started running three times a week. Neither of these things constitute a diet or a weight-loss plan – I changed what I eat and I started sweating more. It was a complete lifestyle change.

So I’m 155 lbs. I look pretty good. I don’t have a goal weight in mind. If I keep losing weight, that’s fine; if I don’t, that’s also fine. Because I feel pretty good too. If I stop running I will likely gain weight again, and that will also be fine, although I won’t feel as physically good as I do now. It is not my intention to stop, but you never know what kind of hurdles may show up that will make it harder; like going back to work, childcare and class schedules, unexpected family lifestyle changes, injuries or health problems, or who knows what else. Life changes, and I will try to adapt as best as I can.

I’m not embarrassed to share my weight and size publicly, and it seems I’m an anomaly because of this. I’m not thin, I’m not trying to brag (or humble brag), and I am not looking for approval, praise, shaming, or external motivation of any kind. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very happy to have lost weight, changed, size, and gotten into shape – who wouldn’t be? But these numbers are facts. This is what I weigh, this is what size I am. I’ve never felt ashamed of my weight, however over- or underweight I’ve been. This is my body, it is what it is.

Is there something wrong with me for not being more self-conscious about this?