Adoption fraud scam closure

A few weeks ago I was telling some co-workers and interns about that crazy adoption fraud FBI case and realized that I never found out what happened after the last time I spoke to the detective in 2008. Naturally, I just had to find out what came of it.

Google to the rescue! Woman sentenced to 30 months in prison for adoption fraud scam.

My favourite line of this article is “Belinda Ramirez was Jennifer Silver,” DeGabrielle said. “Ramirez was arrested at the hotel when she accepted delivery of the envelope.”

I checked – I’m still me.

To be honest, the experience wasn’t something that damaged me deeply – it was mostly surreal and strange rather than intrusive and terrifying. I learned that one shouldn’t post ones ultrasound pictures publicly on the internet lest they risk having someone steal their identity with them… I guess… but I’m not really convinced that this is a common occurrence.

At the very least, I’ve printed out the story to add to the original one about the case from back in 2008, and one day when Lyra is old enough it will be a weird and interesting tale to tell her.