My daughter doesn’t do sick quite right

Last night when I was putting Lyra to bed, I thought she seemed a little off somehow. I commented on it to Adam after she was asleep, and didn’t think about it again.

At two a.m., I woke up to a little body climbing in to bed next to me. This often happens in the morning, although usually it’s closer to five or six. Last night, however, was different – the little body was radiating enough heat for my sleep-riddled brain to start prodding my unwilling consciousness. Something’s wrong, I could hear whispering in the back of my mind, you should wake up and check the little girl’s temperature. I think I had an argument in my head for a minute or so before I hauled myself up and stumbled to around in the dark looking for the thermometer I hadn’t used since long before we moved.

When I got back to the bedroom, I asked Lyra to sit up. She complied without argument, so I switched on the lamp and stuck the thermometer under her arm until it beeped at me. I looked at it and thought huh. I don’t think 38.8 celcius is a good place to be. By this point Adam was awake too, asking me what was wrong.

I told him her temperature and then asked Lyra if she was feeling okay. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Are you okay Lyra?
Lyra: Yeah
M: Really? Are you hot?
L: Yeah
M: Do you want something to drink?
L: Okay
M: Do you feel all right, do you have any owies?
L: Yeah. I have an owie on my hand. Penny scratched me. Can you kiss it better? (Penny is our friend’s cat – they had a small run-in earlier in the day)
M: Sure. I’m going to get you some medecine, okay?
L: Okay.

I got up and found the infant tylenol (tastes like candy!) and brought some in for her. She happily drank it. She was actually pretty happy throughout the entire exchange – speaking clearly and answering questions appropriately – not at all seeming sick or upset by anything.

She lay back down in my bed, and I tried to give her a lot of room so my body heat didn’t add to her already high temperature. We all lay there in silence for a few minutes, until we had another brief exchange.

Adam: Is she asleep?
Me: I don’t know… Lyra, are you asleep?
Lyra: Yeah.

I know fevers and sickness aren’t funny, but man… that was just funny.

Poor Adam was being pushed right off the bed by me trying to give Lyra all the space in the world, so he moved to the couch, where he didn’t get any sleep because he was worried about Lyra.

Lyra and I eventually fell back asleep around three in the morning, after I had established that the tylenol had brought her fever down at least a little bit, and then we slept through until 8:30. Adam went to work on his two hours of sleep while I kept Lyra home for the day.

When her nose started bleeding around 9:30, I got a little more concerned, so we went out to the walk-in clinic. A fantastic experience, the walk-in clinic – I was told it would be a 1 hour wait, so we got on the list and walked off to get a coffee and ‘special treat’ for Lyra.

Lyra’s version of a special treat is apparently Lava Cake:

Lava Cake Girl

We went back to the clinic, since an hour was nearly up, and waited in their waiting room. Time passed.

More time passed. An hour became two, then two and a half. Just after the three hour point, Lyra was starting to hit a high fever again, and was spending her time cuddling in my lap and singing songs to herself and her giraffe:

Toddler with A Fever

We were finally admitted in to the exam room, where we were left to our own devices for another ten minutes or so. We spent some time looking at a diagram of the digestive tract, which Lyra thought was absolutely amazing. She actually talked about the digestive system a bunch of times over the rest of the day. Apparently she’s very interested in the way food moves through the body.

The doctor came in, spent around five minutes with us taking Lyra’s temperature (38.5 at that point) and checking her ears, nose, throat, heart, and congestion. Conclusion: flu. The nosebleed was just an added bonus due to dryness in her nose.

We got home at 1:30 (nearly four hours after we left the house), ate some lunch, and she went down for a nap without a complaint. When she got up, she wanted nothing more than to sit happily in my lap and watch videos while I worked on the computer.

I have never seen anything quite like my child with this sickness. She’s cheerful, talkative, and polite. She gets excited about the same things she would normally. She didn’t have any meltdowns, even with 3 hours of waiting in the boring doctor’s office. She spent the evening laughing and chatting with us like normal. She ate a bit less than usual at dinner, but then downed about ten little carrots and a slice of bread.

She went to bed tonight a bit early and fell asleep after stories and songs, again without a complaint.

I swear I’m more worried that something’s wrong with her because she’s shrugging this flu off so easily on the emotional level… but I’m going to just accept it an be glad she’s not a screaming ball of headache and crazy. I’m lucky. But it’s very, very strange.