Moving day

We’re moving. It’s been nearly five years since we moved into this place – that’s the second longest amount of time I’ve lived anywhere in my entire life (the record is seven years, if you’re curious). I can remember a time when I moved every six to eighteen months.

I love moving. I don’t mean the process – the packing, the loading and unloading of trucks, the transferring of utilities and services, and all the expenses that come along with it is all basically annoying but necessary. What I love is being somewhere new; arranging furniture and rooms, discovering great places in the new neighbourhood, and the feeling of adventure that comes with being somewhere unfamiliar.

This apartment, though, has been the home of a lot of firsts. Lyra’s life so far has been lived in this place, so every single one of her firsts is connected to this home. This was the first place Adam and I lived for longer than a year (we had a lot of apartments that lasted one year or less). It’s the first view we’ve ever had, and we will miss that view – although new condos are being built as we speak that will change that view for whomever moves in when we go. We lived here long enough to get to know the best restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, laundromats, parks, hiking and mountain bike trails. We know all the shortcuts and the transit schedules.

This is the first place we’ve been long enough to really be able to say it’s home.

So we’ve been getting ready to move to Port Moody. It’s not that far away, but it’s another city suburb of Vancouver. We have a lot of reasons for choosing Port Moody – it’s close to family and friends, it’s close to great mountain bike & hiking trails, it’s still transit accessible for both of our workplaces, and it’s a considerably less expensive neighbourhood to live in. Daycare costs are dropping by nearly half, and we’re moving into a 3 bedroom townhouse that’s only 100$ more a month than our 1.5 bedroom apartment. There are friends we’ll miss in North Van, but we’re really not that far away – it’s not like we’re moving to Ontario. There are more positives to this move than there are negatives (and I’ve weighed them over many times).

There are things I’ll miss, but I’m ready to move on.

Photo a day project: August 2006

The Lions of Vancouver

Pre-dawn snow