Phone writing… a new skill to cultivate

First, on the mood/health side of things, Lyra was only up once last night, so hurray for sleep. Unfortunately I still feel like I’m coming down with a cold so boo for that.

We’re under a storm and wind warning right now, so my transit decision rests on whether I think a tree will fall on the Stanley park causeway. At this point I am leaning towards taking the seabus just to be on the safe side. Less likely to be delayed than the bus.

You know, I have never called my livejournal a blog… I just don’t feel like it is one. It really is a journal in the end. That’s part of why I don’t write in it so much anymore: not because I don’t want to, but because I felt like I needed a proper hook and theme and concept, like a blog.

It isn’t one, and I need to stop thinking of it like that.

I really enjoy writing about my life. I like journalling. I m not trying to be an expert or specialist in anything through this medium, and I think I’m OK with that.

It’s not like anyone else has to read it anyway.