Sometimes I get angry

Lately I’ve been feeling angry more often than I usually do. considering the fact that it normally takes a lot to try my patience, I guess that means it doesn’t take a lot to be more often than usual… For instance, my phone (on which i am typing this) has suddenly stopped autocompleting words and making the first letter of my sentences uppercase. it’s making me angry. Expect typos in this entry. [Edited to fix all the typos and lower-case letters – they made me crazy.]

Some of my rage is probably a little bit justified, at least, but most of it seems pretty irrational. Maybe I’m burnt out on work, and I definitely don’t get enough sleep or exercise. I should probably make an effort to remedy these things. I am for exercise, at least… will be on my bike more now that the weather is getting nicer.

I’m also feeling totally ready for a change of location. North Vancouver is awesome in many ways, but i feel ready to try someplace new.

The crazy thing is, I’ve lived in the same apartment for nearly five and a half years. That’s the second longest I have ever lived anywhere in my entire life (the longest was seven years in Iroquois, Ontario as a teenager). I feel like it’s an accomplishment to put down roots in one home for this long… but I am definitely restless.

Maybe it’s just this restlessness coming out as anger. I don’t quite know. I have some time off work coming up, which wil hopefully help me unwind some, but i don’t think work stress is the root cause.

I have to change buses now. maybe will feel like writing more later.