Well here’s something new…

Downloaded an app for my new pretty Nexus one android phone. I’m a slow typist on the touchscreen so far, but maybe this will mean more frequent and a better variety of posts from me in the near future. I can’t make any promises, but we shall see how it works.

Took Lyra and myself to the walk in clinic today. She has an ear infection again and is on antibiotics. They did a throat swab on me, said it might be viral. I do feel a bit better today though.

So yeah, Adam and I got new android phones. We’ve been playing with them almost nonstop since they arrived. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this. Love it so far.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I should let this thing charge I think, and let my eyes rest.

Taking care of myself, Lyra and Language, and a new smartphone would be nice

I’ve had an evil sinus cold for the past two and a half weeks. Contrary to what I keep telling myself, it hasn’t been getting better, and yesterday was perhaps the roughest day yet. Instead of working through it like I tried to do yesterday, though, I took today off and have been alternately napping and relaxing on the couch with my computer. Lucky for me Lyra’s at daycare, as having her home doesn’t make for a good self-care environment. Who knew that toddlers could demand so very much attention??

Speaking of Lyra, her grasp of language is increasing at such an incredible rate that I can barely keep up some days. She easily expresses when she wants something (or doesn’t) by saying “this” or “more this” – or in the case of not wanting something, the expected toddler no no no no no. These are not surprises. This week, though, she started doing something new (and, at least to us, incredibly amusing) that she picked up from me.

When Lyra wants something, she asks a few times. She has realized that when I say “Okay” that means she has been successful in getting what she wants. Once she made that connection, she started pre-staging success by adding an “okayyyy” after making her request a few times.

For example, in wanting to go outside she’ll say ‘Outside. Outside. OUTside. Outside. Okayyy” and then look expectantly at me because she is obviously going to get what she wants – there was an Okay.

Every time she does it I can’t help but laugh. She is one funny, funny girl sometimes. And who am I to deny her success? Obviously after that kind of exchange we have to go outside. (not that she gets everything she wants, but since most of her requests are pretty doable, it’s not too hard.)

The Okayyy thing probably won’t last too long – these things often disappear within weeks of them starting – but it’s something I want to remember. It would be so easy to forget.

If things continue as they are now, she will be a serious force to be reckoned with when she gets older. I am both scared of her power and envious of it. 😉

And for fun, here is a video of Lyra watching a remote controlled helicopter crash and saying “Wow, Uh-oh, crash”

And some other, non-Lyra things – about cellphones!

I’ve been looking at upgrading my dumbphone to a smartphone for a long while now. I want an Android phone and have been waiting for a suitable one to come on the market here in Canada for what seems like forever. I was nearly ready today to try and get the Samsung Galaxy Spica through Rogers (although they say I don’t qualify for the upgrade price until September due to some random rule they put into place last year that says you can upgrade a smartphone once a year but to go from dumphone to smartphone you have to wait two years. Sounds like a counterproductive business move to me.)

The Rogers customer service rep offered to give me the Spica for 50$ off the full price when I asked. That’s a mere 400$ to get the phone (whereas if I waited another six months, they’d give it to me for 80$.) If I got the phone I’d automatically have to get a more expensive plan and re-sign for three years, but that doesn’t seem to matter to them. So I asked him how much it would cost to end my contract with them early. The buyout fee for that is $200, which means I could end my contract and go with telus, and get a Milestone and a new phone contract with them for cheaper than if I paid 400$ for the Spica.

See? Counterproductive. He was apparently a low-level CSR and not able to offer any retention stuff, and then told me that since Adam was the primary account holder on our family cellphone plan, he would have to call in to find out if they can do anything for us. I wrote down an interaction number and Adam will call them later.

In the meantime, I discovered via Twitter that the Google Nexus 1 phone, which I love, has just released a version that will work on the Rogers 3G network. This is exciting news, and makes me want to just buy an unlocked Nexus 1 and a data plan. The price is 529$, which isn’t terrible, but right now I can’t spend that money. Later this week, if certain opportunities do or do not present themselves, it might be an option, but right now there’s too much in limbo to make that kind of purchase.

Plus, if I get one, Adam wants to get one too, so that’s really about a $1200 cost for new phones. Unlocked. Not tied to a Rogers 3-year contract, but able to run at full capacity on the Rogers network.

So I nearly clicked on the purchase button for the Nexus 1, but held off until after a nap and have allowed reason to win over desire. Cursed reason. Now I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens. I’m tired of waiting though, I’m very, very ready to get a smartphone.