A happy, sleepy update

This week was rough. I kept track of all of Lyra’s wake-ups, and I made huge efforts to get her back to sleep without falling asleep next to her myself. I feel a bit bad for my co-workers – I was a sleep-deprived zombie all week, and yesterday I got downright delirious. I’m pretty sure I said some fairly nonsensical things… but I’m happy to entertain, if nothing else.

So here’s a basic rundown of Monday through Thursday night (I’m not counting the wake-ups she has before 11pm – she usually wakes once between 10-11.)

Monday Night: woke up four times between 11pm and 6:30am with Lyra. Longest sleep stretch was 2 hours – in fact, all night she was up every two hours.
Tuesday Night: woke up four times between 11pm and 7:00am. Longest sleep stretch 2.5 hours.
Wednesday Night: woke up three times, but this is less positive than one might think, since when she woke up at 5am I couldn’t get her back to sleep, so we were up for the day. Ugh. Longest sleep stretch: 2.5 hours.
Thursday Night: Adam had the idea to dress her up extra warmly for sleep, so I pulled out a fleece full body sleeper and put it on her at bedtime. We had stopped trying to put her in sleepers eight months or so ago – they used to seriously impede her crawling, since she had a weird crabby crawl thing going on. The feet would get pulled down off her feet and then tangle up her legs, and it frustrated her to no end. Her bedroom, however, has no heat balance – it’s either too cold or too hot. Lyra doesn’t like sleeping under blankets (and by doesn’t like, I mean she gets mad if we put them over her, and if we sneak them on her when she’s asleep she wakes up and kicks them off angrily.) She woke up twice between 11pm and 6:30am – at 12:45 and at 4:30. Longest sleep stretch was 3:45! And at 4:30 I got her back to sleep and she woke up at 6:30 for the day.

I am so incredibly happy about getting nearly four hours of sleep, and I have never before in my life felt like 4 hours of sleep is a lot. This morning, I feel like 4 hours of sleep was heaven, and I feel more rested than I have in three weeks or more.

So what worked on Thursday night? I think Adam’s warming her up for the night was the clincher. She used to sleep as much as five hours or more in our bed with us – and that may well be in part because she had a warm body to curl up against, and because our room is better regulated heat-wise. We didn’t really think about using a sleeper now that she’s walking – it hadn’t been an option for so long that it didn’t occur to us. I had taken them out of her dresser and put them in a storage bin for whomever clothes are being passed along to, but when Adam suggested it I knew where to find them.

Today I will get a coffee not because I need it to function, but because I am out having coffee with a friend.