December means…

Christmas holidays are coming up. I am very much looking forward to the time off. Adam’s dad is coming to visit us for the last week of the month, which should be nice, since we don’t get to spend much time with him.

It looks like Christmas day will be at our apartment again this year. I’m a bit worried about the tree and decorations with Lyra being so full of energy and destruction. I’ll probably leave the breakable ones off the tree this year. The tree’s only three feet tall anyway, so it’s not like I need a lot of decorations or anything.The day willl be fun and crowded with Mom & Merv, Chris & Jinni, Adam’s brothers, and Lyra, Adam & I. Last year there was snow… I wonder if we’ll have some this year? So far it’s just been very, very rainy.

Santa's Elf Lyra smilingI’m starting to think about Lyra’s gift list now. I know that some of our family has already picked up some gifts for her, but I’ve put together a list anyway of things we would like her to get (and things she really doesn’t need.) I’ll email it around to family and such.

I’m hoping that the cold I’ve had for the past week is the last one I have for a while. It’s been pretty nasty. Lyra brought it home from daycare, then I caught it. I vegged out last Sunday, ended up staying home on Monday and sleeping half the day, and then tried to work the rest of the week. Ended up going home a bit early on Thursday. Unfortunately, Lyra’s been coughing as much as I have, which means she hasn’t slept well at night, which means neither have I. Yesterday I was feeling better enough that I thought I’d be nearly fine today, but this morning I started coughing again pretty badly. By this afternoon I had a headache from coughing. Not fun, I am grumpy and want someone to take care of me while I lie about feeling sorry for myself. This, however, is not entirely an option, since Lyra’s also not feeling great, and I’d feel guilty asking Adam to take care of both of us.

So here’s my plan for December.

Part the first: keep Lyra’s incoming gifts to a minimum, because we don’t need to overwhelm ourselves with STUFF, because our place is small and because the little girl doesn’t need a billion toys. It’s so hard to break consumerism habits in myself; it’s even harder I think to ask others to do the same. Maybe if I keep our toy standards high we’ll end up with fewer, higher quality items instead of a lot of cheap dollar-store and discount shop things that’ll clutter our world up and are probably full of chemicals and such. Quality > Quantity. I must repeat this to myself.

As for gifts for myself: I’d like to see people and do things. Also, if anyone wants to offer babysitting as a gift, I would not be opposed to that. I’m a big fan of experiences over items for gifts. If some folks have things that they picked out just for me and absolutely love, I’m certainly not going to say no to them or be offended or anything, of course. I still LIKE gifts – it’s a weird balance for me, because I do have a bit of a weakness for nice stuff sometimes, but if I know I don’t NEED something then I feel a little guilty for wanting.

Part the second: Get over this stupid horrible cold and avoid another one until at least January. Okay, so I don’t have that much control over whether or not I catch a cold, but I will do my best to take care of myself for the next month, as much as I can around Lyra’s needs. That means I should sleep more. I’ll see what I can do.

Part the third: Get another awesome holiday photo of Lyra.