Camping and growing with Lyra

We went camping last weekend in Tofino, BC, on the far west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s almost as far west in BC as you can get. This was Lyra’s first camping trip, and she loved it. We were in a tent, and it was chilly, but the bedsharing definitely worked in our favour for it. Lyra was cozy in my sleeping bag with me. She very much enjoyed the beach and watching the waves and stuff. You can check out all the photos I posted from the trip on Flickr, but here are a few I particularly liked.

Sunset over Sproat Lake

Lyra & Adam

Lyra in the sand

Kite flying with Ian

Long Beach sunset

This guy is dancing like a superstar!

Jenny & Lyra at the beach watching waves

Today I took a couple of videos of Lyra playing around in the living room, showing off some of her new tricks: pulling herself up on tables, and standing around.