Ontario Photos & update

The trip to Ontario ended over a week ago, but I haven’t given you an update yet. I shall now provide you with said update, alongside a few photos I took while in Toronto and New Liskeard.

To begin with, here is a link to all of the photos on my Flickr page.

The flight went quite well. We were up at 40,000 feet for much of the trip to Toronto, and while Adam had a lot of trouble with his ears, Lyra was perfectly happy. She spent much of the trip crawling between Adam’s & my laps, and looking around all the weird new stuff. She napped in my lap for part of it as well, and the take-off and landing didn’t bother her at all. Adam’s ears didn’t pop for a week.

Adam’s mother & Aunt met us at the airport in Toronto, and there was much fussing over Lyra. We went to Adam’s grandmother’s home and there was more fussing over Lyra. She loved how much space there was in the living room there, and crawled around for hours. Bedtime was late (Toronto time) but about right in Vancouver terms.

Asleep on the floor

Our first full day in Toronto was mother’s day, so after Lyra’s morning nap (which she took on the floor) we headed to Adam’s Aunt’s house to have a huge brunch with a bunch of his family members. There was much fussing over Lyra. At one point, she got put into a broken umbrella stroller which threatened to collapse at any moment so that Adam’s grandmother could take her for a walk down the street. We deemed the stroller unfit, named it the crushing stroller, and rescued Lyra from its clutches, only to have another stroller acquired for the purpose of taking her for a walk down the street. It was all incredibly amusing somehow. We rounded out the evening with a Mother’s Day dinner at Spring Rolls on Eglinton at Yonge. It was tasty.

The next day was Monday, and we headed in to Toronto proper to visit High Park. We had warned friends in advance that our Toronto visitation times were limited, and they would have to meet us there if they wanted to see us. Fortunately, a bunch of people were able to join us at the High Park zoo & playground. It was a nice afternoon outside.

At the Zoo

Lyra & her mommy
(photo by Brian Tao, who borrowed my camera to take a few shots)

The next morning we took the long drive to New Liskeard. We took our time, stopping whenever Lyra needed a break from the confines of her car seat, and it ended up only taking us a half hour or so longer than usual to do the drive (about six hours or so, I guess.) It was a lovely, sunny day, and Lyra was once again a superstar considering she was confined to a harness for most of the time.

Our visit to New Liskeard has become a mess of randomness in my brain. I have no clue what we did on what days, but I know that we stopped in to see Paul & Jenn at Chat Noir Books (where they make a fine cup of coffee,) and we spent a lot of time with Adam’s mom & dad, handing one of them Lyra at every opportunity. Also, we got poutine at least twice. There’s nothing like poutine close to the Quebec border.

We did go to North Bay for a day, as a nice excursion. We spent an hour or so hanging out in a park by the lake, and Lyra crawled around in the grass with her Grandmother (Bubby-T.)

Crawling in the grass

She also went to check out the beach with her Daddy.


Beaches make baby Lyras ROAR:


Grass and sunlight make baby Lyras turn into anime characters:

Smiling at the sunlight

We also went to at least two Barbeque parties – it was the May 2-4 weekend, after all – and Lyra got to meet a couple of other babies and have social engagements with them:

Maddy & Lyra

Nearing the end of our time up in New Liskeard, we took a drive down to Temagami. Adam and his dad decided to take the boat (newly put back in the water after the winter) from the Marina down to where it gets parked at Loon Lodge on Lake Temagami. They needed someone to pick them up at Loon Lodge, so Lyra and I took the Murano from the town of Temagami down the access road to the lake. When we arrived, we were informed that Adam & David had had to turn back due to excessive winds – if they had pressed on, it would have taken them another two hours to reach me. Lyra and I walked back up the trail to the Murano (sweet car to drive down Temagami access road!) and drove the half hour trip back to the Town so we could pick up the boys.

It was actually more fun than perhaps it seems it would be. Adam was pleased to get out on the lake in a boat, I was pleased to spend at least a bit of time at Loon Lodge (although no loon burgers were acquired… and no, they’re not made of loons…) and the drive was really quite nice. I didn’t see any m00se, however.

We also took a trip out to the Elk Lake Eco Centre for lunch on one of our last days there. It snowed that day. The lodge was quite nice, however, even with the snow.

Did I mention it snowed?

I’d have to say that the trip was a success. Lyra was a Rock Star the whole time – she traveled well on the plane, she traveled well in the car, and she was so good the whole time. We have an awesomely mellow and happy baby, and we are lucky to have her.

The only really negative things I have to say about the trip are that Adam caught a nasty cold which he promptly gave to me, and we were both miserable for a good part of the trip due to a sore throat/cough type thing; and that next time I really want to spend more time in Toronto, seeing Toronto sites that we haven’t visited in a while, like the ROM and the AGO and most especially Canada’s Wonderland.

Good times!

Back from Ontario

We have returned. Adam is sleeping because he’s utterly exhausted. Lyra is playing on the floor with her ugly dolls. I did some tidying and am now having a cup of tea; I will do more tidying soon. I may also vacuum.

I will write a proper update when my brain is working properly again. Right now I’m very, very tired and just want to get this place looking a bit cleaner, find something for lunch, and let Adam sleep as long as humanly possible so he stops freaking out about things and has a chance to catch up.

Please, please, please tell me if anything has happened that you’d like me to know about in your life. I have barely been online in almost two weeks.

Nine years

Nine years ago I mentioned to cyn that I wanted to try online journalling. On May the 4th 2000, I started up this livejournal for kicks, to see what might come of it. Here I am 9 years later, still updating, although a lot has changed since then – the frequency of my updates, the city I’m updating from, my marital status, and most recently, the addition of Lyra to the story. Some things haven’t changed – I still get bored sometimes, I still have Dayle & Sera, the kitties who have followed me across the country, and my tendency to write long-winded entries about random subjects that matter to me.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing online for nine years. The internets have changed so much since then.

Then again, so have I. If you want to see how much, you could be ambitious and start from the very beginning