Requisite Lyra photos and a link to trail day pics

I took pictures for the trail day. The set is up on Flickr if you want to see them all. Here are some that Jordy took of Lyra & I, and one I took of her with Adam,

Jenny & Lyra on Trail Day
Jordy took this one of Lyra & I – Lyra is squealing at the dogs going by.

Lyra eating some bread
Lyra tries out some bread, because it is tasty and mommy was eating it. (photo by Jordy again)

Lyra & Adam at trail day
Lyra riding on daddy Adam’s shoulders.

Jenny & Lyra moving logs
Lorne took this one of me with Lyra in the Ergo while I moved a log.

And my favourite of the bunch:
Lyra in the Ergobaby
Taken over my shoulder – I couldn’t see what Lyra was doing, and this was the face she pulled for the camera. Too funny.