It’s not the swine flu

This past weekend was a write-off for me. Lyra started to feel sick on Friday, and by Saturday she was pretty unhappy about it. I started to feel sick on Saturday, and by Sunday I understood why Lyra was so miserable on Saturday. Fortunately she was already feeling better by Sunday, so that was one good thing. This cold is rather short-lived – the worst of it was over in a day. At this point we’re both still a bit stuffy and my throat feels perpetually dry, but the headache is gone and I have enough energy to walk around outside again.

It’s good that we’re getting better now, because being sick when we fly to Ontario would suck, so very, very much. They’d probably quarantine us and refuse to let us on a plane.

I’m trying to sort out what needs doing before we go back east. I should make myself a checklist or something to make sure I don’t miss anything. So much to do…