Getting back on two wheels

Tonight I went biking in Port Moody with Maryn and Steve. It wasn’t a very long ride, and it wasn’t a super difficult trail. I’m out of practice and have lost my biking legs to some degree, however, and I’m still trying to get the hang of my Nomad, so shorter and easier was what I was looking for. Steve, who is awesome to ride with, stayed back with me and led the way, letting me know what was ahead on the trail and waiting up for me when I got freaked out by shadows and such. The trail itself was flowy, and covered in dirt instead of eroded down to the rocks like most of the North Shore is.

Basically, it was awesome.

The weather was perfect for an evening ride – sunny and a bit cool. We started at seven so it was late enough in the day that the sun wasn’t intensely bright or excessively hot. We cheated on the ride up – Maryn convinced her husband to drive us to the meeting point with our bikes. I went to the box, and then I felt shame. There was a pleasant, leisurely ride to the trailhead through the forest, which was quite lovely. The trail itself was in a remarkably pretty area. At one point I stopped with Steve and we looked at the pattern of the sun, painting gold through the trees and on the ground like it does in the evenings on the mountainside. It was beautiful, and made me wish I had brought my camera. Steven pointed out that we could see the water through the trees as well – and where in the area could you get that? I mentioned maybe riding up Burnaby, but really, Burnaby Mountain is nowhere near as lovely as Eagle. Burnaby still feels like city to me – Eagle doesn’t, even though the city of Port Moody is not far away.

So while I didn’t quite reach that zone where riding is the only thing that exists (I kept getting distracted by my brain talking too much… must smack it around a bit and get it to shut up when I ride) I did have a good, fun ride, and I started to feel a bit like I was getting used to my new bike. Finally. I forget, when I’m not riding, why I like riding so much. I forget, when I’m riding annoying trails I don’t like, why riding is so much fun when I’m on trails I like. I’m incredibly happy that Adam took care of Lyra tonight and let me go out to Port Moody for a ride. I’m starting to remember how to enjoy it. I want to go back and ride some more.