The weekend was full of activity. It was good.

Friday during the day I got together with my work husband Eli and we went for a nice hike out to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. There was a lot of up and down involved. I had Lyra in the Ergo Baby as a test run for Sunday’s NSMBA Trail Day, and it went pretty well – she stayed awake the entire way out to the rock, and fell asleep on the way back. Also, we lost one of her cute boots – they never stayed on her feet anyhow. Here is a photo of Eli & Lyra hanging out on the rock:

Eli & Lyra on the Rock

Friday evening Adam had set up babysitting for Lyra without telling me, and had me fooled into thinking we were going out with her to dinner with some of his friends from work. Instead we went down to Gust di Quattro where we had a fantastically good meal. I had the Hand Made Gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola sauce, toasted pine nuts, grilled radicchio & port marinated figs. It was absolutely delicious. We also had some wine – Tantalus Reisling – quite outstanding as well. And then we went for dessert at Dairy Queen, because I’ve been craving DQ for weeks I think. We also got in a little shopping at Winners, where both of us picked up a shirt each, and we bought a new sheet set.

Saturday morning was my sports conditioning clinic, which was very challenging, I must say. My legs were already tired out from the hike the day before, so I was in kind of rough shape to begin with. I got though the whole workout, though. For the afternoon on Saturday we went downtown to check out the open house at the new Convention Centre near Waterfront. It’s a pretty building. My friend Ian was working there, doing some A/V techie stuff (babysitting projectors and playing music for the Cirque people in the ballroom.) There was much walking around the building.

On the way home, I took Lyra back from Adam (he had been carrying her in the Ergo most of the day) and we got on the seabus. We stopped to pick a couple of things up near Lonsdale Quay on our way home, and walked back to Lonsdale Ave. to catch a bus up the hill. The first bus that arrived was very full, and didn’t stop for us. We waited another fifteen minutes for the next one, which stopped at our stop to let people off, then told us that there was only room for one. Since there were three of us (plus a Lyra on my front) we didn’t get on; one of the other people went ahead. We were quite annoyed, however, to look at the actual fullness of the bus and notice that there was enough room for another five or six people to get on easily. The driver shut the door and took off, however. I was angry, so I phoned Translink to complain to them about it.

We then walked home from the Quay, 19 blocks uphill. I was already really tired, so it was a slow walk. Lyra slept for a good part of it in the Ergo.

Sunday we got up bright and early for the NSMBA Trail Day on Mt. Seymour. I was taking photos for the write up, since I can’t do any trail work with Lyra in the Ergo. We were working on a lower Seymour Trail – The Empress Bypass, a multi-use trail for mountain biking, hiking, and maybe horses? I’m not sure on the horses – I’ve only ever seen horses on the Bridal Path when I’ve been biking on Seymour. The work done was mostly maintenance and upkeep – fixing drainage, armouring corners and parts that get rutted, and so on. I hiked up and down the trail a few times throughout the day with Lyra on my back. By the time we were at home after spending the better part of a gorgeous day on the mountain, my legs felt like jelly, and were aching.

This morning was the new round of Baby Bubbles classes – there were no more Wednesday classes so I switched to Monday mornings instead. I was planning on walking to the Rec Centre, but my mom took the West Coast Express out from Pitt Meadows to join us for Baby Bubbles, so we took a bus over instead. For some reason my mom didn’t want to walk up the huge hill on 19th St. After class we walked up to Lynn Valley Mall, then came back home. I walked down to the grocery store with Lyra in the afternoon, so I got to spend a lot of time outside in the gorgeous warm sun. Spring is really, truly here now, I think. I could’ve been comfortable in shorts today.

Speaking of which… I need some shorts.

Also, I need to go biking. Being active is so very nice.