The plague has hit our household…

Lyra has had a cold since last Friday. Remarkably, she has been in relatively good spirits throughout. She only really loses her cool when the cough gets really bad and she can’t breathe properly because of the nasty phlegm chunks lodging in her breathing passage. Yeah, it’s not pretty, but a lot of things about babies just aren’t pretty. Her nose has been running nonstop since Friday, and her squeal has been pretty much silenced due to a lack of voice. This is only Lyra’s second cold ever, and she’s managing it well. I’m impressed with her.

Sadly for me, I caught the same thing. I’m coughing like mad, I had a night filled with fever dreams and very little sleep, there was an accompanying headache that kicked my ass so hard I made Adam stay home from work to take care of the two of us on Tuesday, and while I’m getting better now, I am far from 100%. Fortunately, just as Lyra and I are getting better, Adam is getting sick. Now I’ll be taking care of him – he’s stayed home from work today to crash out with the headache and cold.

On a completely different subject, I venomously yelled and swore at a character in a commercial this morning. Let’s just say I have an irrational and extreme dislike of the new glade plugin commercials. And product.

It’s a lovely day out and I have so little energy I’m having trouble getting motivated to go out in it for at least a little while. I know I’m still sick, so it’s not surprising, but frustrating all the same. I’ll have to go out eventually anyhow, since we don’t have any groceries for dinner. Really, though, I feel like I could go back to sleep for an hour or three.

I signed myself up for a winter sports conditioning program – it’s every Saturday morning. Last Saturday Lyra was up most of the night sick, and me with her, so I didn’t go. I was going to make up the session tonight, but I’m still hacking and listless at best, so I’m not going. I’ll just go again on Saturday morning. By then I should be healthy enough to work out. I hope so, anyway. I’m tired of feeling craptastic.


  • ozreison

    March 6, 2009 at 1:00 am

    *offers gentle steam and eucalyptus oil for your house*

    Get better soon.

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    March 6, 2009 at 7:11 am

    Thanks… we’ve been spending lots of time in the bathroom with the hot shower running with eucalyptus oil in the tub… 🙂