Spring hopes eternal!

It’s been raining the past two days. This isn’t particularly strange, since it’s spring and all. We had a nice day on the weekend, however, so I made sure to get out in the sunlight. I took a good long walk with a friend in Port Moody during the day, and called it training for the Sun Run. Since I’ll be walking the Sun Run, that’s really not an unrealistic statement.

Lyra has been teething like mad the past couple of weeks, but I think she’s starting to come out of it. For much of last week, she was getting cranky and irritated by around dinnertime – requiring extensive cuddling time, which for Lyra means “YOU MUST NEVER PUT ME DOWN.” She’s a pretty cuddly girl at the best of times. When she’s unhappy, I basically have to be willing to forfeit my individuality and accept that she is attached quite firmly to me. It keeps her happy, however, and considering the pain she must be in during those nasty teething times, I’m entirely willing to do so. She now has two bottom teeth and two top teeth, and she can get around the apartment rather effectively. She’s probably a day or two away from proper crawling. In fact, as I type this, she’s on the hardwood floor in the crawling position, pushing herself backwards and sliding along the floor. I think she’s actually trying to sit up and having some trouble with it. I’ll have to rescue her.

One rescued and happy baby… who is now looking at the cat food & water dishes again. I may have to come up with another place to put those…

This morning I had plans to get coffee with Maryn and then maybe go to baby songtime at the Library, but as it turned out, Maryn ran into heavy traffic on the way to the North Shore, and Lyra didn’t take her morning nap on time so she was falling asleep by the time baby songtime was supposed to start – but refusing to actually sleep. Fortunately, Maryn did eventually arrive and we got coffee. I put Lyra in the stroller (she hadn’t napped yet) and she ended up falling asleep there, so I took her for a walk around to the market for groceries after Maryn had headed back to PoMo for work.

Maryn and I are working on a project. We are hoping that Anne will also be interested in working on it, and anyone else who’s interested once we have it fleshed out a bit more. Right now it’s TOP SEKRIT!

I’m anxious for better weather to become more consistent. I look forward to getting back on my bike and heading to the trails.