Sleep heals

Lyra slept last night from 11:30pm until 7:00am. She did not wake up once coughing, or to nurse, or anything. I think I feel so much better today because I got that 7 hours of sleep uninterrupted. Adam was sleeping on the couch, since he’s now sick with what we have, so Lyra and I had the bed all to ourselves. We were still all snuggled up together, but in the middle of the bed, which was nice.

So today I’m barely coughing, my throat doesn’t hurt nearly as much, my nose is nearly cleared up, and I don’t have the headache or that wiped out feeling anymore. I’m so excited I’m going to go out this afternoon and get some air and exercise. The sky is clear, the sun is shining, and it feels like springtime. Whee!