Lyra’s Revelations

Lyra will be 8 months old in a few days. The following are a few things that Lyra has figured out in the past few weeks.

Sitting up in bed: Lyra often rolls onto her tummy when she’s asleep, sleeping much the same way her mom likes to. One night she awoke in bed, upset that she was alone, like she often does in the evening before I’ve gone to sleep myself. I waited a minute or two to see if she was going to settle herself back into sleep – there was a moment or two of quiet before she redoubled her efforts to get my attention. I went into the bedroom to settle her back to sleeping, and there she sat in the middle of the bed, arms reaching out to me. Just like that, she knew how to sit up from her tummy. She still hates being on her tummy for more than five seconds unless she’s sleeping, however.

Shadows on the wall: This one actually happened tonight. Lyra loves to stand on the couch, leaning against the back cushions and holding herself up. Part of the game is hitting the wall, of course – who doesn’t like hitting walls? Tonight was a little different. She was sitting on my lap on the couch this evening, in the dark. The light over the stove was the only light on, casting a shadow on the wall behind the couch. Lyra saw the shadows from my lap and started to climb up so she could stand on the couch and look at them. Adam, sitting on the other side of her, held up his arm and made the shadows move. She was watching them, utterly fascinated. She stared at the shadow of his hand for a minute or two, then slowly turned her head and looked up at his hand itself. She looked back at the shadow on the wall, then back at the hand – back and forth a few times, pausing to study it each time. You could almost hear the click in her brain as she figured it out. It was awesome.

Hardwood is great for getting around: Lyra sits on a blanket on the carpet in the middle of the living room a lot of the time. She also sits on a puzzle foam mat with Disney Princesses on it (found it at value village for the cheap) in what used to be the dining area but is now a giant pile of baby paraphernalia. These things are not hardwood. She has recently learned how to push herself around with her feet while sitting up (maybe I’ll take a video of it, although it’s not a quick process yet) and loves lifted up the edges of the mat or area rug. What she discovered this week was that when she pushes herself right off the rug onto hardwood, she can suddenly move a lot better. It’s a good thing I babyproofed the bottom two rows of shelving in the living room – she beelined for it. She found a basket full of toys and immediately pulled it out onto her lap upside-down, and selected the stuffed carrot as her chosen toy before ignoring the rest. Adam and I sat on the couch watching the whole process. It was entertaining.

Coughing sucks. Coughing up phlegm sucks more: She’s been doing a lot of coughing. There was really only one day where it made her miserable (i.e. every time she had a fit of coughing she would cry piteously.) For the most part she took it in stride, once she learned that the crud that was showing up in her mouth, while unpleasant, was not going away and thus must be tolerated. She now gets an expression on her face after coughing that seems to say There is a weird gross thing in my mouth and I don’t really know what to do with it – pursed lips and a slightly annoyed look, a bit like a gorilla or something. It’s very cute.

Regular food requires great contemplation: Lyra has tried various solid foods to date. They all elicit the same expression upon first tasting – she always looks a bit horrified and disgusted, and then immediately wants more. It’s hard to tell if she likes what she’s trying or not. I’m pretty sure, however, that she hates rice cereal. I tasted it – I don’t blame her.

These are just some of the most recent revelations Lyra has shared with us. There are constantly more, they’re coming a lot faster now I think than they were. These are exciting times.

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  • ashkitty

    March 6, 2009 at 11:01 am

    So adorable. 🙂