I have an appointment on Tuesday with an allergist. I’ve never had allergies before this, and I don’t even really know if what I have now is allergies or some weird lengthy cold that doesn’t act like a cold. It certainly acts more like allergies than a cold, however. I’m hoping the doctor can figure out what it is and I can remove it from my surroundings as much as possible (as in, I hope it’s not dust or cats, because those things don’t disappear in my life.) I don’t want to get on antihistamines if I can possibly avoid it – I’d rather deal with the sneezing and sniffling sessions than breastfeed with random drugs coursing through my veins, and I don’t intend to stop breastfeeding at this point.

Adam is sitting on the living room floor with Lyra. He is playing the guitar and singing for her, and she’s giggling, squealing, and helping strum from time to time. She likes the music, our little girl. She sits with him while he plays piano, too – she loves hitting the keys and seeing what sounds she can make. I should take a video of both sometime.

It’s been sunny and 10 degrees for much of this week. The croci have reappeared – the first sign of spring to me. I expect (and hope) that there is still some rain to come – we’ve barely had any this winter, and I’m sure the summer water stocks are comparatively low. I don’t really mind the rain… sometimes I even miss it.

In other news, we downloaded Noby Noby Boy for ps3, but haven’t tried it yet. I don’t really know what to expect, other than very, very weird things. Oh, and I picked up Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and Big Brain Academy for the DS Lite, so far. I traded in a whole bunch of old games for store credit and used it to buy four new games (one for ps3 for Adam, Valkeria Chronicles.) I’m loving final Fantasy IV, haven’t started Chrono Trigger, and am liking the Big Brain Academy stuff (which I also liked for wii when we played it at my mom’s place.) I’m also playing Final Fantasy VII on the ps3 (for ps1, hooray backwards compatibility.)