Sleeping like a baby

Originally uploaded by Jenny Lee Silver

We went out to a friend’s place last night to play some games. I mostly hung out with Lyra, since she’s going through an “I want mommy all the time” phase right now. At one point she fell asleep and I set her down on her blanket to nap, so I could take some photos of her sleeping.

I’m trying to think of little things I want to remember…

Lyra has started laughing at things that aren’t mommy & daddy doing silly things to make her laugh. The other day, sitting on the floor, she watched Sera walk across the room, sit down, and start licking herself. This was apparently incredibly amusing, since she burst into giggles. Other things she finds funny are:

– The tossing of laundry, especially accompanied by saying the word “SOCKS”
– Falling over backwards
– Being tossed into the air
– Anything Uncle Shawn says
– Bouncing
– Peek-a-boo

I’m sure there are more.

Right at this moment she has fallen asleep again.