Lyra and Abima

Lyra and Abima, originally uploaded by Jenny Lee Silver.

This was yesterday – Lyra can sit up on her own now (if we set her there – she’s not able to go from lying down to sitting yet, although she tries.) She even sticks out her arms to balance herself if she feels like she’s going over, which is new in the past couple of days.

If she falls over backwards it’s funny. If she falls over forwards she gets annoyed. If she falls over forwards and bonks her nose on something hard (like, say, the floor) she cries for ten seconds and then is fine.

Abima is Lyra’s Ugly Doll. She gives Abima the exact same reaction she gives to Dayle and Sera – excited squealing and screaming accompanied by extensive grasping and flailing of hands. She loves her Abima, and she loves her kitties.

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  • jerronimo

    January 9, 2009 at 12:31 am

    SO CUTE!