Sunday Ride, Monday Transit

I went for a ride yesterday morning with Maryn, which was nice. I still haven’t got all my confidence back, but I am riding a bit better every time I go out. We just did a quick and easy ride, because Maryn was on a timeline, but it was good. I almost feel like I know the bike now – it’s starting to feel right again. We rode up in fog, but as soon as we turned around to ride down it started pouring. It was a very wet ride. It felt good to be on my bike though, and Adam had a good morning with Lyra – it was a good morning for all of us.

Today’s adventure involves taking the bus/seabus/skytrain out to visit my mom in Pitt Meadows. I haven’t done a long trip on transit with Lyra in the past month or so. She was really good on the bus before, quiet and interested in things or just napping in the sling. I’m hoping that still holds true, with the new, more aware and awake Lyra. It’s always an adventure with a baby in tow!

Speaking of babies – she’ll be five months old tomorrow!