Observations and things to remember (in no particular order)

Lyra is 9 days shy of five months old. She’s just under thirteen pounds now – and she’s lean and strong. There are so many things that change so fast, I want to write some things down while I still remember.

I can’t get over the feeling I get when I look at her. She’s just so completely perfect and beautiful and awe-inspiring. The other night she was asleep in my arms, like she often is in the evenings before bedtime, and she woke up briefly. She opened her eyes and looked up into mine as I looked down at her, and it was all I could do not to burst into tears at the look of absolute trust and calm she gave me before closing her eyes and snuggling back in to sleep. My heart simply melted, and I had an overwhelming re-affirmation of the feeling that I would do anything to keep her safe and happy.

She rolled over the other day. I put her down for tummy time, which she doesn’t particularly enjoy. She’s strong – she can hold up the front half of her body like she’s doing upward-facing dog or something, no problem there, but she really does not like the vantage point. As I watched her lying there complaining about the situation (proof that she’s got her daddy’s tendency to chat nonstop when she wants to) I was thrilled to see her push over on to her side, and then onto her back. After that she pushed herself around the floor with her feet, much happier to be off her tummy. Adam told me that yesterday she went the other way – back to tummy – and promptly started to complain about it. When it comes down to it, all she wants to do is stand up, all the time. And fall down. She really likes that part too.

Her favourite games have progressed from the tongue mirror game (I stick out my tongue, she sticks out hers – we don’t play that one anymore, it was a very early game) to anything that involves bouncing, jumping, squealing, dancing, roaring, flying, falling, kicking, and gnawing. I swear her first words might be OM NOM NOM NOM at this rate considering how much she loves the zombie game. Making her laugh is relatively easy now, and hearing her laugh makes me want to keep her laughing as long as possible.

My friend Brooke (a photographer) did a photo shoot of me when I was very pregnant. I only just found the pictures now, and I’m happy to share them if you’d like to check out the gallery. (NSFW)

Lyra inherited my fingernails – strong and fast-growing. I have to trim her nails every two or three days to prevent her scratching her face up, or me, or Adam. They’re little claws.

We saw a picture of Adam as a baby the other day. Lyra looks a lot like he did, except with eyes like mine. She definitely has the same baby smile that he had.

She loves to go outside – hiking on the mountains, down by the ocean, walking up and down Lonsdale, either in the sling or carrier, or in her stroller. Being outside makes her happy. Random people stop me in the street to comment on her incredible cuteness – especially the enormous cheeks. Everyone loves her cheeks. According to the baristas at our favourite coffee shop, Brazza, she’s their favourite baby that comes in. We’ve been going in there since she was a few days old. I think Brazza was our first trip outside the house after I got home from the hospital. They know us pretty well there.

Breastfeeding – now there’s a subject full of controversy. For myself – it was hard to start off, with Lyra being early, and sleepy, and falling asleep every second time she sucked. We had to fight with her to keep her awake for the first few weeks of feeding – cold water drops, blowing on her, keeping her cool – doing anything we could to keep her awake and feeding. And my milk coming in was downright painful, until I discovered hot compresses. These days, though, Lyra knows how to do it – she’s very efficient, and can feed in five minutes easily. I definitely produce plenty of milk for her (some days it’s too much, and I have to express just for my own comfort.) I’m happy to feed her any time she wants, and anywhere, although she’s just starting to get distracted by things going on around her when she’s trying to eat. We’ll see how that goes, maybe I’ll need to use a blanket to cover her up or something. What I love about breastfeeding is the sheer practicality of it. it’s so much easier than preparing a bottle. Lyra knows how to do it, I know how to do it, it’s not uncomfortable for me, so I’ll just keep at it. I enjoy it, too.

And finally, I absolutely love to watch Adam with her. He very obviously feels a strong connection to her, and loves playing with her and keeping her entertained. He’s also great for changing her diapers and the usual dirty work that’s involved. I know he wishes he could stay home from work to spend the days with us. He was home with her on Saturday evening while I went to the Muddbunnies calendar release party. Lyra had a bad night – uncomfortable from teething, and probably wanting her mommyto make things better. He got through it ok though, only a few text messages and calls to me, and only one breakdown where he wanted me to come home. I didn’t catch an immediate ride, and things smoothed out at home enough for me to spend some more time out, so it worked out okay.

There is more, but now it’s time for a walk to the Quay and back.


  • sharolyn

    December 1, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    She’s just so completely perfect and beautiful and awe-inspiring.

    Yes, exactly!! I really didn’t anticipate feeling this way at all…

  • ashkitty

    December 1, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    Reading this just made me feel so brilliantly amazingly happy for all three of you. 🙂