Farewell Huffy

Yesterday Adam went riding in the morning. I decided to post Huffy on Craigslist and see if I could get her sold. Huffy was officially sold within three hours of my posting her, and at the price that I listed her at, which was a pretty good deal for someone who knows a bit about cars – there really wasn’t much wrong with the car, and it had pretty low mileage for its age. It is amazing how good it felt to get rid of the car, finally. We took it off the road last year in November because we didn’t want to sink more money into it, and started using the Co-operative Auto Network instead. That worked well enough that we decided to sell the car, which I asked Adam to take care of. I didn’t really want to deal with it, as I had a lot of things going on with the pregnancy and such. Plus, Huffy was in his name, so he had to be the official seller.

Adam never really got around to making an effort to sell it, which stressed me out rather a lot on one or two occasions. For the past few months I think we both just ignored the car’s existance. It kept bothering me, though, every time I looked out in the parking lot and saw the car sitting there. Yesterday I was sitting at home with Lyra while Adam was out biking, and I thought I’d just post the car on Craigslist at a good price, be up front about whatever was wrong with it, and list it using Adam’s email address. My plan was to force him to deal with whoever looked into it.

Curious if he’d got any emails about it, I had to check it. Adam was still out riding, but there was already one message from a very interested guy, complete with phone number. It couldn’t hurt to call him, I thought, so I did. He wanted to come over and see the car as soon as possible, and said he could come by in twenty minutes or so. I agreed, and when I got off the phone called Adam to tell him he should come home soon, since I was apparently about to sell the car, and I needed him there to do so. I think he was surprised.

The guy arrived on cue, so I took him out to see Huffy. Just as we walked out to where she was parked, Adam got home from riding – all muddy and damp. After taking a look at the car, he decided to take it, and went to get the cash & transfer papers.

Three hours. It was that easy. I feel so much lighter having the car gone. And I put some money into savings. Good things all.