Boxing Day Madness!

So far boxing day has been quiet and mellow. Lyra and I are up and sitting on the couch – Lyra’s petting Sera (who seems to adore the attention she gets from Lyra, including the squealing and ear grabbing) and Adam’s getting to sleep in a bit. We were talking about going out to Future Shop and/or Best Buy today to check out boxing day madness sales with Jordy later this morning. It’s just started snowing again, but it’s supposed to switch to rain later I think. When all this snow melts I have a feeling there may be some flash floods or something. Should be interesting.

I don’t even really care about the boxing day sales today – I just want to get out of the apartment. All this snow has really prevented me from going further than a few blocks of home for the past week or so. I’m starting to feel a little stir crazy.

Christmas yesterday was nice and mellow. Adam and I woke up early with Lyra, who seems to have acquired his morning person attitude, much to my dismay. We knew that no one would be arriving at our place until about noon, so we turned on the Space Network’s Trek-mas marathon (every Star Trek film back to back, we had watched 1 & 2 on Christmas Eve,) did our last minute tidying up, got the turkey ready and into the oven, and then just watched The Search for Spock and the Voyage Home until Adam’s brothers, my brother and sister-in-law, and my mom & Merv arrived. We then continued watching Trek-mas, opened some gifts (mostly for Lyra, she cleaned up this year) and ate my turkey dinner.

Speaking of the turkey – I picked up a utility turkey because I didn’t want to spend a lot. It was a grain-fed bird, but had a label on it that said ‘May have parts missing.’ This amused me to no end. When I opened it up, there was, in fact, an entire leg missing – we named him gimpy the turkey. He was still pretty tasty, and his bones have now been boiled down for soup.

Throughout the evening there were some calls from various family and friends, and we continued watching Trek-mas. We got as far as half-way through Insurrection before Adam and I went to bed (everyone had left by the beginning of Generations or half-way through First Contact, I think.) I’m hoping we can catch Nemesis today – it’s back at Undiscovered Country right now, which was on while everyone was here so we weren’t focussing on it. A few more hours and Nemesis will be on again…