2008: A Year in Review

This past year has been a big one for me. Everything has changed since this time last year.

In January I told the whole world (what little of it I hadn’t told already) about my pregnancy. We were calling the little unborn one Ultra Magnus, which amused us to no end, and seemed to horrify some of the extended family. My first few months of pregnancy I was tired a lot of the time – falling asleep on breaks at my desk at work, coming home from work and sleeping immediately after I was done dinner, and so on. I didn’t have cravings, so much as anti-cravings, where I would hate a specific food for a while (perogies comes to mind.) I also took on a new full time contract at work – doing the web stuff instead of reception.

We had our first Ultrasound on February 7th – a bit early because they thought we might not be as far along as previously guessed. We started planning and budgeting our last pre-baby vacation to Arizona. I started to feel and look pregnant, too. I admitted to myself that I liked American Idol.

We had another ultrasound. I started to feel the baby moving. Eli & I crashed the Graphex Awards dinner for a chance to meet zeFrank. I discovered that Ultra Magnus kicked and moved around more when I ate chocolate. I signed up for Twitter.

Adam lost his wallet a few days before we went on our babymoon trip to Arizona. There were many photos taken.

My boobs got huge, as noticed by spadoink. There was a fire in the building across the street, where three people died. My baby’s Ultrasound became evidence in an FBI investigation in an adoption fraud case.

We had a third ultrasound and established that I had placenta previa, which meant I couldn’t go into labour. They scheduled me for a c-section.

They told me that my c-section date (and baby’s birthday) was to be July 10. On July 7th they phoned me to confuse the issue and move it up a day to the 9th. I twittered from the hospital after the baby was born. Adam posted the first photos of Lyra Morgan Silver at my request, since I was in the hospital. We sort of settled into a newborn routine, and things were good. July was a big month.

Lyra and I spent our first day alone together. I had a bit of an epiphany. My brother got married and I took pictures for him. I started the diaper service and accepted my fate as a human mattress for Lyra.

I ruminated on my status as a mammal and got a new bike, and started riding again. I started thinking about Christmas and toys for Lyra – instilling a no-plastic rule.

I turned 32. Lyra learned how to laugh, and it was the sweetest sound ever. Lyra got dressed up as an Elephant for her first Halloween, and had a fun evening with her Bubby Tyna.

I had a few rough days. I wrote a little about Bedsharing. I blindsided Oki_v2 and took him mountain biking when he came to visit. Lyra became a brain-eating Zombie.

I realized that I’m now a coffee addict. I recorded a bunch of observations about life with Lyra. I finally sold Huffy. I took some painfully cute photos of Lyra in her Christmas outfit. Lyra’s first tooth appeared. We watched every Star Trek movie over three days time. Vancouver got hit with a giant storm and basically fell apart. Lyra’s second tooth showed up.

It’s been a great year, full of changes. I’ve changed jobs into a real career instead general admin. Biggest thing though: I have a daughter now, and it’s the greatest thing ever. Happy New Year to everyone reading this!

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Surrounded by napping!

I should be napping with Adam and Lyra and Dayle and Sera, but I am instead awake and writing.

Balcony SnowYou might be aware that Vancouver was hit with a chaotic bout of snowmageddon. It started with a bit of snow, and then (much like a snowball) got rolling into an enormous amount of snow, which eventually turned into rain. The greater Vancouver area is not exactly equipped for snow in these quantities that lasts for this long – plows are few and far between, and we were lucky to see them on main streets. I don’t think they ventured onto side streets at all. This meant that side streets were enormous snowbanks with cars hiding under them for a week straight, and sidewalks were only shovelled if the people who lived beyond them took the time to do so.

Now let’s face it: Vancouver locals don’t know how to drive in snow, and can often be seen walking through the snowfall with their umbrellas over their heads. To be fair, the first snowfall every year back in Ontario was always chaotic on the roads too – people every year had to re-learn how to drive in the stuff, and for the first week or so they drove too fast and there was chaos. On the other hand, that first snowfall back east was always followed up by extensive plowing, salting and sanding of the roads – so people could get around if they needed to. I seem to also remember little plows for sidewalks, although that could be a false memory. Either way, within a day of a foot of snow falling, it would be cleared off the roads and side streets, and cars would be able to get in and out of parking lots and driveways without too much trouble.

So I have to wonder if it’s fair to mock the people of Vancouver as being weak and incompetent (which I’ve seen lots of online and from Easterner transplants here in Vancouver) after this snowpocalypse event. Much like Toronto that year they called in the army to clear snow from the streets (I lived there at the time, and the only reason I got out of my apartment was because Templier came over and shoveled the five foot snowbank from in front of my door for me) the infrastructure simply isn’t here to deal with this kind of weather. Toronto called in the army to put snow onto trucks and take it out of the city because there was just too much to plow, and it would have just piled more snow on top of the cars parked on the side of the streets. And boy howdy were they mocked for it – because they HAD the capability of dealing with snow, just not in that quantity.

Vancouver gets rain in the winter. Lots and lots of rain, nonstop for sixty days straight sometimes. The city doesn’t pay to keep a team of plows on retainer because they usually don’t need it, and that money could be better spent elsewhere (maybe dealing with the homeless problem, or clearing out storm drains for the rain, or something, I don’t know what.) So yeah, the city sucks at snow removal, and when we get the usual quantity of precipitation in snow form instead of rain form, chaos will ensue. On Boxing Day, Adam, Jordy & I had to walk home from the Quay, because the buses were getting stuck in the snow on the hills. We saw two or three accidents in addition to the sliding, stuck buses. We saw a lot of people driving way too fast for the conditions. We saw destruction wreaked by too much wet snow piled on top of things. It was hard to walk on parts of the sidewalk due to extra slippery packed down crud, and on other parts due to slush and sludge from intersections. And that was after days and days of snow that wasn’t getting cleared properly. The conditions we ended up with before the rain started simply wouldn’t happen in a place that was used to getting snow because there are systems in place to keep up with it. Sadly for Vancouver, we just don’t have that. Also sadly for us, there are a lot of bad drivers here. Seriously, slow down people!

It’s warming up now, and they’re telling us to beware of flooding (storm drains are going to take a while to clean out once the snow melts) and roof leaks. Some roofs have collapsed. The alley behind our building is still a pile of slush, but it’s melting away and turning slowly into a river. I imagine it’ll be a torrent at some point – I’ve seen that before, when it looks like there’s a river flowing down the streets and alleys of North Vancouver. It’s been really nice to have snow for Christmas, and it makes me very happy to not have to drive anywhere. Now I’m watching it all melt away and waiting for the rains to return. This should mark the end of snowmaggedon/snowpocalypse for us this year – but who knows? Maybe we’ll get hit with another bout of it before the season is done. It could be fun.

Lyra has now woken up and needs a diaper change.

Boxing Day Madness!

So far boxing day has been quiet and mellow. Lyra and I are up and sitting on the couch – Lyra’s petting Sera (who seems to adore the attention she gets from Lyra, including the squealing and ear grabbing) and Adam’s getting to sleep in a bit. We were talking about going out to Future Shop and/or Best Buy today to check out boxing day madness sales with Jordy later this morning. It’s just started snowing again, but it’s supposed to switch to rain later I think. When all this snow melts I have a feeling there may be some flash floods or something. Should be interesting.

I don’t even really care about the boxing day sales today – I just want to get out of the apartment. All this snow has really prevented me from going further than a few blocks of home for the past week or so. I’m starting to feel a little stir crazy.

Christmas yesterday was nice and mellow. Adam and I woke up early with Lyra, who seems to have acquired his morning person attitude, much to my dismay. We knew that no one would be arriving at our place until about noon, so we turned on the Space Network’s Trek-mas marathon (every Star Trek film back to back, we had watched 1 & 2 on Christmas Eve,) did our last minute tidying up, got the turkey ready and into the oven, and then just watched The Search for Spock and the Voyage Home until Adam’s brothers, my brother and sister-in-law, and my mom & Merv arrived. We then continued watching Trek-mas, opened some gifts (mostly for Lyra, she cleaned up this year) and ate my turkey dinner.

Speaking of the turkey – I picked up a utility turkey because I didn’t want to spend a lot. It was a grain-fed bird, but had a label on it that said ‘May have parts missing.’ This amused me to no end. When I opened it up, there was, in fact, an entire leg missing – we named him gimpy the turkey. He was still pretty tasty, and his bones have now been boiled down for soup.

Throughout the evening there were some calls from various family and friends, and we continued watching Trek-mas. We got as far as half-way through Insurrection before Adam and I went to bed (everyone had left by the beginning of Generations or half-way through First Contact, I think.) I’m hoping we can catch Nemesis today – it’s back at Undiscovered Country right now, which was on while everyone was here so we weren’t focussing on it. A few more hours and Nemesis will be on again…