Yesterday was a bust…

Today will have to be better.

My biking yesterday got cancelled because my biking partner had to pick up her sick daughter from daycare. I was disappointed, but obviously would have the same priorities.

Unfortunately for me, I had been really counting on that bike ride to get out and energize myself, clear my brain, and have some me time. When it didn’t happen, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed, exhausted and lost.

On the other hand, I knew that I had some other exercise to look forward to. A couple of weeks ago I signed myself up for a Fit for 2 mommy & baby bootcamp, twice a week at the rec centre around the corner from me. It was to start this coming Monday.

Last night, I got a call from the rec centre. Apparently, not enough people signed up for the bootcamp, so it was being cancelled. I had the option of transferring to one of the other ones at other rec centres, but they were either on the wrong day (I have one day a week I need to be at home in the early afternoon, and that’s when it was) or they were at a rec centre that was not particularly close. I opted to get my money back, and as soon as I was off the phone with them I felt like I was mentally and emotionally wilting. Naturally, at that moment Lorne, Anne and Owen arrived for dinner.

I was rather proud of myself for signing up for a bootcamp type thing. I was also scared, but felt good about it. It was to be twice a week, an hour each time, and because it’s a mommy/baby thing, Lyra was going to be part of it and go with me so I wouldn’t have to cancel due to babysitting problems or whatnot. Plus, being a paid class I would make myself go. I can’t seem to do that with the gym – I feel aimless and unmotivated to just go to the gym and use the machines or whatever. Plus, I can’t do that during the weekdays with Lyra – I don’t think they welcome babies in the general workout rooms. Oh yeah, and my rec centre gym membership expired last February.

These two disappointments in and of themselves wouldn’t normally be that bad. I can go biking on another day. I can find another fitness class to take with Lyra (athough there aren’t that many.) But this week has been rough on my psyche. It’s started pouring rain, which is to be expected in the Lower Mainland in November. I have only left the apartment to go for coffee and come home, maybe twice times since Monday. I got my recovery time in from last week’s being out so much, but I’m oversaturated with inside time now. I wasted the two nice days I had weather-wise this week staying in and cleaning the apartment, which, to be fair, needed it. The problem is, I needed to get out. I didn’t. Today I will have to do something, but I don’t know what yet. I should call one of the other moms I know and see if she’s willing to go for a walk in the rain.

I need an excuse to test the new jacket I got that fits over Lyra while I’m wearing the sling. And I need to find some sanity.


  • meisterdorf

    November 7, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    are you going to get one of those infant carrier dealies on your bike? Then you could still go riding and have her with you. Granted, you wouldnt be mountian biking…

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    November 13, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    We have a bike trailer for her – not using it yet though. We will be able to tow her behind us on trails, which should be fun. Not the crazy MTB trails, of course… smoother ones.