Someone should have a chat with my daughter…

… and tell her that it really is okay to sleep for longer than fifteen minutes in her bassinet for naps during the day.

For some reason, yesterday was different from a normal day with Lyra – it was utterly exhausting. Not that she doesn’t keep me busy normally, because she most certainly does, but yesterday was something else.

It was my own fault, in a way. I was the one who decided to try and get things done in preparation for the upcoming visit from Adam’s mom & Grandmother. And since Lyra’s started to accept the occasional nap in the bassinet for an hour (sometimes more!) I just made the assumption that I could convince her to do so yesterday. She was having none of that, however.

In fact, yesterday was the kind of day where she didn’t want to be put down for anything. She was in the bouncy chair for all of three minutes while I made toast and porridge for breakfast before she started yelling at me. She sat in the swing for five minutes watching me clean the kitchen before she started crying – I let her go with it long enough to finish the kitchen up. Every time she got sleepy I’d put her into the bassinet in the hopes that she’d fall asleep, but had no such luck. Instead she would lie awake looking at stuff till she got bored, then start crying to be let out. It wasn’t the sort of complainy cry that means she’s just annoyed and will get over it and sleep, either – it was the ‘I’m going to work myself into a frenzy of tears and never let myself relax’ cry. These are nuances that develop over time.

I finally gave up and let her nap on me for a while. Once she was completely out, after 30 minutes or an hour, I would transfer her to the bassinet again. She was having none of that, though. Within two minutes of transfer she would wake up in a frantic rage of tears.

Needless to say, she really wasn’t getting any quality sleep time in. The more tired she got, the more irritable she became. I finally packed her up in the stroller to go get some cat litter from the store, assuming that she would fall asleep during the walk.

She didn’t.

I was desperate for Adam to come home and take the crankymonster from me by then, but he had to go to the dentist after work. It wasn’t until Jessica arrived that I got my much-needed break. Adam arrived shortly after and saved the day by ordering pizza for us. The rest of the evening was trying to tire out the already overtired and very cranky baby so she would actually fall asleep. I was utterly exhausted.

I’m hoping today isn’t so rough. So far I’ve decided to just let her nap on me as required. I’ll try the bassinet maybe once, but I can’t do two days straight of that emotional and physical exhaustion, especially not the day before Adam’s family arrives.


  • scottobear

    October 24, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    oh, I love your new icon!

    Sorry she was being obstinate… and that today goes better for you!

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    October 24, 2008 at 5:31 pm


    It’s to be expected that any child of mine is going to be obstinate at times… 😉

  • jenny

    October 24, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Oh, I’m sorry she wasn’t cooperating like you’d hoped! I know that can be frustrating, especially when you had stuff you wanted to do AND she’s been crying (what feels like AT you) for the entire day :/

    I hope today is better for you both! And remember, your inlaws will just have to cope with the fact that you are trying to raise Lyra, and that alone can be a full time occupation, never mind how much time the housework and other stuff can take. Priority wise, you’re doing the right thing, I think!