It is naptime. Lyra has fallen asleep – in the bassinet. This is only because I set her down in it on her side. I’ve been consistently trying it on her back for months with no success. Today I set her down on her side, rocked the bassinet, turned on the vibrate feature and put the sound of rain on (I could’ve just opened the window considering how it’s pouring) and she lay there happily sucking on her hand. After a few minutes I left her alone… went back to check on her and she’s asleep.

Granted, sleeping on her side isn’t much better than sleeping on her tummy, which you’re not supposed to allow. It is a little bit better, though.

I am strangely of mixed feelings about this situation. On the one hand, it’s great that she’s in her bassinet and sleeping. It’s great that I have some time alone while she naps, instead of being her bed. I can’t be her bed forever, obviously, much as I love cuddling with her. On the other hand, there’s some part of me that’s a little sad that she’s not sleeping on me. I’ve gotten so used to functioning that way, I feel a little bit like something’s missing. I know I should appreciate the free time and use it to clean the apartment up a bit, or relax and nap myself, or something equally productive… it just feels weird. I keep going to check on her to make sure she’s still asleep. Last time I checked she had rolled onto her back.

Overall I’m happy about it, though. She’s been asleep in there for half an hour already. Maybe this is the next step?

I think it’s time to update the baby icon.

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  • madhatter

    October 18, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Hooray!! I know the feeling of ” not on his back? he’s going to die and it will be my fault.” Fox would pull his legs up and roll to his side. I told the doctor and he gave me a look like I was lying or that he had never heard of it. Eventually he slept on his back. No harm done but I’m still glad that so many babies are not dying of SIDS since the back to bed was introduced. It will be interesting to see what further research will bring in finding what causes SIDS.

    In the mean time enjoy your freedom. I so enjoy your posts. It’s fun for me to remember how different Fox was just three short years ago. Now off to sew some more crazy costumes.