I am / I am not

I am…

… keeping busy enough during the day to not get bored.
… getting out of the house at least once, almost every day.
… getting exercise – at the very least walking around for an hour or more.
… getting back on my bike.
… adapted to sleeping in stages and getting enough to be fully functional and not exhausted.
… finding time to make myself lunch.
… having my hair done for the first time in two years next week.
… exchanging my double bed for a queen.
… absolutely adoring being home with Lyra, because she’s awesome.
… pretty good at this mom thing so far (it’s still easy with her so young.)
… taking Lyra to Whistler this weekend.

I am not…

… finding time to make breakfast before 11am.
… sleeping the way I used to.
… finding it easy to make new friends who also have babies.
… comfortable in much of my clothing.
… finding time to clean up after myself very often.
… getting around to baby & mommy exercise/yoga classes.
… ready for another baby any time soon.
… missing work very much (just the people there.)
… getting my photo editing done.
… reading any books.
… writing.

1 Comment

  • madhatter

    September 17, 2008 at 3:15 am

    You’ve done very well for yourself and Lyra. It’s really hard to find other new moms because they are just as busy as you. You may find it easier in a few months after Lyra and her contemporaries can sit unassisted and can play by themselves for a few minutes.

    Paul and I are expecting in Feb. So I look forward to all of the fun and challenges that await! This is our second so I’m way more relaxed about this one. We have our ultrasound scheduled for next Mon. I won’t be posting pictures due to your little problem with the wacko from Texas.

    If you make it to the Yoga class post what you thought I’d like to know.