Biking again!

I went for a bike ride on Fromme yesterday. It was fun, although if anything I’m even MORE cautious than I was when I stopped riding last year, which is a bit frustrating. Plus I’ve gone back to a lot of old habits – sitting too much, braking too much, and so on. I need to get out riding more (with patient people who can put up with me being stupidly overcautious) and come spring take an Endless Biking Progression Session course.

Also, all of my biking clothes don’t fit and look terrible on me right now. I’m not trying to be vain here, but I do try to avoid looking like I’m wearing stuff that’s two sizes too small – right now that’s EVERYTHING. Muffin top is NOT cool. And none of it is comfortable to ride in either (assuming I can even pull it on.)

All things aside, however, being on my bike again was truly fantastic.