Already thinking about Christmas??

I must be a mom, since Christmas is actually already on my mind.

I’m really looking forward to it, even if Lyra will still be too young to really have a clue what’s going on. The thing I’m worried about, though, is being given copious amounts of toys for her. A friend of mine was talking about having a ‘no plastic toys’ rule this Christmas for their five year old son. They already have hordes of toys, many plastic, hanging around their house, and any more will just add to the problem.

I would rather like to instil this rule for Lyra from the first Christmas. For one thing, our apartment is too small for hordes of toys – we don’t even have a bedroom set up for Lyra, so all her stuff is in what used to be our dining room. We gave the table and chairs away. For another, plastic is full of nasty petro-chemicals and other such things, and the creation process is seriously harmful to the planet and everyone who lives here.

Do I think she’ll never get any plastic toys? Of course not, that would be completely unrealistic of me. I do hope to minimize it. And the bonus to having a no plastic toys rule could mean that when people want to give her a toy, it’ll be something a little higher quality (which means not as much stuff in quantity, too… also good.)

So yeah. Rambling r me.

Benefits to a ‘no plastic toys as gifts’ rule are:

  • Less random stuff lying around our apartment
  • Less chance of low-quality crap in Lyra’s mouth
  • Maybe less chance of Lyra being obsessed with having more more more stuff? hopefully?
  • Higher likelihood of toys that are well-made, will last a long time, and are perhaps more ecologically responsible than cheap crap
  • More books!

    So what’s the bad? I guess trying to explain to extended family without them being insulted or annoyed that we don’t want the cute little 5$ plastic trinket that they simply had to buy for her. And having the willpower to not buy those incredibly cute trinkets myself.

    Honestly, though, she doesn’t need an endless supply of toys.

    Ah well, I can be as noble as I want to right now while she’s tiny. Who knows how things will actually go.

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    • 11:48 Heading to kits on a bus with lyra. #
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    Photo meme

    Take a picture of yourself right now.
    Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair… just take a picture.
    Post that picture with NO editing.
    Post these instructions with your picture

    Jenny & Lyra

    I’m getting the hair cut in a week – right now the only thing I can do with it is tie it back, because Lyra either wraps her fingers around it or shoves her face into it, and I worry she’ll start inhaling it or something. The low ponytail is my friend.

    The cuddly wrap is the best baby accessory we have. I use it to get around town on transit, to get things done around the house, to get myself out for a walk… It’s super comfortable and Lyra loves it. She’s happily sleeping in it there… I did dishes and put the laundry on earlier with her in here.

    Took this with the webcam.

    Lyra in video!

    So I took a quick video of Lyra playing with Adam this afternoon, and put it onto youtube to share (and facebook video, for those who have me in the facebookland.)

    Anyhow, here’s Little Miss Cranky Pants:


    Happy Birthday !!

    I am / I am not

    I am…

    … keeping busy enough during the day to not get bored.
    … getting out of the house at least once, almost every day.
    … getting exercise – at the very least walking around for an hour or more.
    … getting back on my bike.
    … adapted to sleeping in stages and getting enough to be fully functional and not exhausted.
    … finding time to make myself lunch.
    … having my hair done for the first time in two years next week.
    … exchanging my double bed for a queen.
    … absolutely adoring being home with Lyra, because she’s awesome.
    … pretty good at this mom thing so far (it’s still easy with her so young.)
    … taking Lyra to Whistler this weekend.

    I am not…

    … finding time to make breakfast before 11am.
    … sleeping the way I used to.
    … finding it easy to make new friends who also have babies.
    … comfortable in much of my clothing.
    … finding time to clean up after myself very often.
    … getting around to baby & mommy exercise/yoga classes.
    … ready for another baby any time soon.
    … missing work very much (just the people there.)
    … getting my photo editing done.
    … reading any books.
    … writing.