Random thoughts and commentary

We’re watching Sunshine, and Lyra is sleeping in her chair (she’s been in there for an hour now, but I”m sure she’s about to wake up.)

Hmm. No sooner did I say that did she do just that, and now she’s asleep on me again. Maybe I’ll try putting her back in the seat again in a few minutes when she settles down…

Anyhow. I’m not feeling like watching a movie at the moment, but it’s better than obsessively hitting the stumble button on my browser.

My legs are feeling very seized up and tight, likely due to the lack of exercise I’ve been experiencing since having Lyra. Hopefully I’ll get cleared for exercise in the next week. I’ve been doing some stretches – it helps a bit. I’d like to get a bike trainer to do some biking in the apartment sometime soon.

This movie took an extreme turn from not bad sci-fi movie to bad slasher film… it’s all downhill from here.

Upon further watching of the film, it has gone seriously downhill. It has become abysmally bad.

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  • mithoviel

    August 15, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    I wish they would release the official Sunshine ost…Surface of the Sun is a beautiful track.

    I actually liked the movie, but it was far from perfect. 🙂