Baby things and breastfeeding and such…

Today Lyra is three weeks old. Today is also her original due date. When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want to tell people the exact due date because it seemed like such a changeable thing. Turns out I was right about that, I guess.

We’ve settled in to something akin to a newborn routine, which I know and accept is subject to change drastically and without notice. At the moment, however, it’s nice – I sleep during the day when she’s sleeping (not all day, but often,) which helps me stay coherent. At night I nap on the couch until around midnight, when she wants to nurse. She’s still not quite willing to sleep in the bassinet (or anywhere not on a living body) most of the time, so she and I generally stay on the couch all night, feeding at three hour intervals or so. Basically this means she eats at midnight, 3:00am, 5:30am, and 8:00am, at which point she has a nice awake time where I hand her off to her daddy and get some more sleep until around 10:00am.

I’ve found it’s very uncomfortable to breastfeed her in bed – I don’t like sitting up without being able to lean back against something, and since we don’t have a headboard there is nothing to lean against. If I lean on the wall, the bed slides out from it. The only way I can comfortably feed her in bed is lying on my side, but I prefer not to do that too often. I couldn’t really tell you why – it’s comfortable, but I’m not totally comfortable with it. Mostly this means I don’t sleep in bed anymore, but out on the couch.

I also let Adam sleep the night through because really, there is nothing he can do to help in the middle of the night. At some point I’ll start pumping milk (I got a breast pump today on craigslist, just need to buy bottles for it) but for now it’s far easier to let him sleep. At least then one of us is awake and functional during the day. Besides, starting next week he’s back at work anyway, and he’ll definitely need sleep again.

Breastfeeding is really going well now. The midwives are happy with her latch and said that she’s definitely got the feeding thing figured out. It’s actually rather entertaining to me watching her when she’s all excited about feeding – the mouth opens up wide and she waves her face around and makes some fantastic gorilla sounds, all of which add up to something strange and cute that makes me laugh.

I have more to say, perhaps in another post because this one is long and all about breastfeeding it seems.