Yeah… that was a Monday

I haven’t slept particularly well in weeks. I’m coming to terms with this fact, but it may be making me grumpy at times. I apologize to those who have to be around me during those times.

This morning started fine – I actually felt nearly awake for a change – besides the cold and rain. I checked the weather and wore my rain coat, grudgingly. I actually wouldn’t mind the rain if it would just stay around 18 degrees or something instead of dropping down to 9.

On the bus, I didn’t have any trouble getting a seat, but I did watch a crusty woman with a cane get all pissed off and decide she was going to stand for the rest of the trip because someone asked her if they could sit in the seat she was using (right next to her) to hold her purse. It annoyed me.

The second bus I take was about twenty minutes late, (or they just skipped a bus in between, who knows) which was irritating, but I didn’t really care that much. It didn’t start pouring rain until I actually got to work. Once there I settled in at my desk and proceeded to discover all the stuff that was broken. I took a break from fixing things to have some breakfast, then went back to fixing things.

Next, a random stranger sent me email telling me to fix the CBC website because they had liniked to us wrong. When I said that wasn’t something I could do, they got all annoyed with me and were rather rude.

Lunch, at least, was nice. I went out with Eli and we had pizza and tasty soup.

After lunch I got an email from someone in our Montreal office demanding I explain why something wasn’t on the website yet. I calmly and patiently explained that the requested page hadn’t been created yet because the request was sent on Friday when I was off, and I was the only memeber of the web team in the office for the past week dealing with two and a half major campaign releases, as well as a slough of problems with the website. I made every effort to not be cranky about it, and her reply suggests I was successful. I wasn’t feeling particularly uncranky, so it was a bit of an effort.

I had a headache and was exhausted by about 2pm, but I got all my work done and left work feeling pretty much miserable. Fortunately for me I have a very nice husband who was home before me and made me dinner. Now I’m just achey and still exhausted, and my ear occasionally feels weirdly plugged thick. Headache has abated, though.

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound, so I’m going to work from home. Oh the excitement.


  • mithoviel

    June 10, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    I can relate…I’ve been sleeping horridly lately, but at least you have a good excuse! I’ve been so fucking grouchy over the past two days and I’m trying not to take it out on anyone.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      June 10, 2008 at 6:14 pm

      Yeah… it can get a bit trying at times.