Pregnancy update

I’ve unfriended this entry now because it’s confirmed, and not a maybe anymore.

Confirmation has been acquired – I will be having a scheduled C/section, sometime between the 9th & 16th of July (to be determined when they find out what specific date/time is available at Lion’s Gate Hospital.) The risk to both me and Ultra Magnus are too high for me to have a vaginal birth, and since I value my life as well as Ultra Magnus’s, I am not about to argue the point.

To be honest, there are two things that freak me out about this – a needle in my back, and a catheter in my bladder. Neither of these are really a big deal, though. They just make me feel a little squeamish. I’d love to watch the actual procedure, but you can’t really see when you’re lying on your back. According to my little ‘so you’re having a Cesaerian Birth’ booklet (no, that’s not the title of it) the delivery of the baby takes ten minutes, and the sewing up afterwards takes 20-30 or so. After that, I’m in the hospital recovering for about three days before we go home (will they have internet? Can I bring my laptop?) Then it’s about two weeks on pain meds, and six weeks of ‘don’t do anythiing too hard, like housework.’ So yeah, it’s a quick birth, but the recovery time will be a while.

I had been planning to work until the end of next week, but with Ultra Magnus joining us sooner rather than later, I’ve decided instead to cut that time short. Really, they don’t need me around to train my replacement. No one trained me, after all. Gerald can handle it, and I’m sure the replacement person is bright enough to figure things out – otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen him. And so I now refuse to worry about work. I’ll tie things up tomorrow and make that my last day.

I’m still not interested in horror stories and the the like, any more than I was interested in birth horror stories. I’m really not worried about this, and I’m sure things will work out as they should.


  • deb_or_ah

    June 24, 2008 at 6:28 am

    this is not a birth horror story!

    My mom used to give classes on baby care (for expectant women) and there was a big group thing about it when I was around 4 years old.

    I just wandered around and played with my dolls while she talked to people. One table had videos playing of different ways to give birth – in a special chair/underwater/etc and I saw a birth happen (totally normal healthy birth).

    The baby’s head was elongated from the time spent um..being..pushed out.. (trying to think of a clinical term and I can’t) and apparently – though I have no memory of this part –

    I screamed “IT’S AN ALIEN!” and threw up all over.

    It’s best if I’m not even present at my own child’s birth I think… maybe I’ll adopt.

    C-section is the way to go! No alien headed babies! (though of course my mom explained that they go back to being normal shaped).

  • johnboze

    June 24, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Well, the whole needle in the back thing is normal for lots of women (epidural). I know it at least gaev me the oogies, & I’m pretty sure Darcy as well (she being the one with the needle actually in her back). That one turned out okay. They’ve got that down pretty well.

  • mithoviel

    June 24, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Hoping for a quick and healthy delivery for you both!